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Is it just me or does Ron Harris look like a younger, more muscular version of our former president?

Is it just me or does it look like Ron’s fly is down in the picture with Sharon Christian? Not that i was, uh, staring at his crotch, but um, er…

Who is the guy in the first picture with Ron? Ahhh, the benefits of women taking roids!!! I bet she could boink Ron a good one.

Lonnie Teper noticed the Clinto resemblance almost ten years ago and put it in his IM column. If you want to see what a fat bastard I used to be, go to www.ronharrismuscle.com!

Got any cigars??? :slight_smile:

Damn Ron! You’re lucky I’m not on Tribex right now, your wife is smoking. And you are one jacked mofo. I am certainly inspired by the progress both you and your wife have made. Love the Rambo pic. LOL! And the shorts you were wearing in your 18 years old pic, those are sweet! LMAO!!!