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Ron Paul's Chances in 2012?


Well the primaries will be under way in a year. While I have major disagreements with him, I think Ron Paul is pretty much our only hope of avoiding total destruction during the period from 2012 to 2016. That means the most dangerous people in America right now are Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and, perhaps worst of all, Donald Trump.

I'm convinced that if he gets the nomination, RP will stand a good chance in the general election since he will create a real contrast and make people feel like they have an opportunity to vote for an actaully good candidate as opposed to the lesser of the two evils. Getting the nomination will be the hard part. I am encouraged by the fact that the media seems to be a lot more friendly toward him than now than they were in 2008.

The country has changed intellectually since the last election and is potentially more open to his ideas now than it was just two or three years ago. The neoconservatives' grip on the Republican party has also weakened since the last election, which is another plus. What do you guys think?


Not a chance in the world.

Even if he were to be the best candidate in the world, the US does not elect short, pasty-skinned guys with fucked up looking ears and crappy hair.


He's 6'1", short-stuff.


His chance are still slim considering he'll be almost 78 before his coronation, if he were to get elected. His best opportunity is to stay on the house subcommittee for domestic monetary policy where he can educate the public and keep calling attention to Fed depredations, in my opinion.


Just like the Tea Party was a bunch of racist redneck hillbilly's who would never affect the outcome of elections, let along win any election at all.

If Paul taps into that energy, things could get more than interesting.


I've said this before, (the last time he ran) and I'll say it again with even greater conviction. Ron Paul will NEVER be elected President, not now, not ever.

Why you ask? As if the reasons were not obvious. He's far too old, not middle of the road enough. Has next to zero charisma. In fact, a couple of years ago when he ran they took his pulse before one of the debates to make sure he was still breathing. And he's an exceptionally poor public speaker. Listening to him speak is about as pleasant as listening to someone take down a tree with a power saw.

The absolute best chance Paul has of ever coming close to the Presidency is to gain a high level appointment if a republican wins the White House. This could happen but it's not likely. But at least it's in the realm of the possible.

I hope the Paul nuts around here understand that I am referring only to his electability. I'm sure he's a fine man and I actually agree with him on many of the issues. But he will NEVER EVER get elected to the Presidency.


Agreed, he doesn't have a chance. But I'll still vote for him anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


No chance.


Ron Paul, will do what all third party candidates do in elections, bring up issues that the big guys are afraid to talk about and force them to take a position. Its great and its too bad there isn't someone way out on the left to push the democrats to make a stand.


Agreed. While I supported his run for president in 2007-2008, and shall do so again, Americans are either too ill-informed or frankly lack the intelligence to vote for this man. Instead, they prefer to vote for the same tired statist hacks.


The non-whites won't elect a guy who does not call for massive hand-outs. Neither will the white liberals. The conservatives won't vote for a guy that does not put Israel's interests above America's.


in other words no one would vote for him, I personally would opt out of my liberal thinking as far as social programs go , if the so called conservatives would quit beating that expensive war drum of theirs


Ron Paul might be your man then. He is for the complete dismantling of The Empire.


This! Too many brainwashed dipshits in this country picking someone from a party cause they think that party will actually change things for the better. Paul is the best functional candidate but has no chance in hell in our American Idol culture


I think it would be funny if he did get elected if only to shut up the people who think they have psychic powers.


Paul is a scam.

He'll run, because that is his gig --- getting idiots to send him money for a perenial campaign for president.

He's like Ralph Nader, but for people who hate Jews.


And yet his two biggest philosophical influences were Jews.

I don't know how him getting idiots to send him money to run a campaign is any different from other campaigns. That's typically how it's done so you essentially have no argument, moron.


The Paultard base is Stormfront folks. He wrote a scandal sheet for years that blamed everything on the Jooooooos. He's a basic anti-semetic nut, who selectively plays the non-intervention card, but only when it harms Israel.

And "moron," the difference in Paul and actual candidates who also beg for money, is, like Nader and other vanity candidates ---- and that is what Paul is a vanity candidate --- is Paul has no serious intention of running a campaign.

He just wants the adulation of the Paultard crowds --- and their money.


So the entire base is Stormfront? Besides, so what if some racists support the idea of ending the Federal resever -- does that mean the rest of us are also racists because we also support that idea? You, young man, are a moron.

Also, Paul is the only person who returns any money at all. He's the most honest person, in my opinion, in the entire Congress.

I would wager most people who support Paul (actually not Paul himself but the ideas he talks about) are way more intelligent that you Idol watchers.


If Paul ever got nominated (he won't) the newsletters, his conspiracy nut hanger-ons, Rockwellian history revisionists, and whatever other nuttery that seems to cling to him would be front and center in the media until election night. He doesn't have a chance.