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Ron Paul's Candidacy is Finished


If you watched the debate last night you probably heard him say very clearly that he would cut funding to Israel. I'm surprised Alan Dershowitz hasn't already publicly called him an anti-semite. He goofed up.


It was already finished. It's not like the guy was breaking out of the pack towards frontrunner status.


I can understand what he means. By taking our money Israel has to play by our rules. They could have taken out Iran's nuclear plant long ago if it wasn't for us and not knowing how we would react.

Why should I have to pay taxes for my government to send money oversees? If you want to support something you can do it as an individual.

How do you feel about the fact that you have pay money to bailout companies that fail, unions and California? So why should I be forced to pay for some other country.

You are either for welfare and big government programs or you are against them, there really is no middle ground, because as history has shown it leads to overreaching government and an entitlement minded nanny state.


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Bingo....we fund so many countries....a billion here, a billion there...but who's counting right?


Just be fair about it and cut them all off at the same time.

Quit stealing from me to fund foreign thugs.

Why is that so controversial?


Because that's how we avoid a draft? I'll pay to keep my ass in my cushy life and out of a war zone.


Wait! Why does a government have the right to conscript people?

Why does a government that minds its own business need to draft people into a military to fight wars it has nothing to do with?

Your conclusion is illogical.


A draft is unconstitutional, you wouldn't see that from someone who would cut aide for the same reason.

And seriously if we moved our defense spending to our borders, who would be dumb enough to come over here and attack us. missiles, terrorist attacks maybe, but we would have much more going into preventing those situations.


This should be a complete non-issue. Why it's not baffles me.


Remember its American politics, and the Us and Israel have had a strong friendship
for years! So yes it is a bit controversial when an american politician say something like


I haven't actually seen the debate but I assume he singles out Israel for his proposed aid cut? He doesn't mention any of the other 194 countries that the US gives aid to?

People should consider what they're getting for their money too. Israel is helping to defend the free world from terrorism. Israel has always been a staunch ally. Can the same be said of Pakistan or Egypt? Are Pakistan and Egypt good allies? What does Pakistan do with the money they get?


Make no mistake. If they thought Iran was a clear and present nuclear danger? They would bomb that site without a second thought regardless of what we said and rightly so.


Because so many idiots think Israel is the 51st state of the union.

And for any moron who thinks Ron Paul wants to cut just Israel's "aid" please get your head out of your ass. He's stated 5 billion times that he wants to cut ALL foreign aid. I hope you people don't need a picture drawn for you.

As for Ron Paul getting elected, I doubt it. Too many simpleton sociopathic warmongers in the GOP for that.


Ally. Most important and closest ally.

No one suggested that. I was interested to know if he specifically mentioned Israel for cuts thereby suggesting that Israel is more deserving of cuts than other countries.

Actually a picture would be helpful. What will happen when we stop funding Pakistan's nuclear program and they stop guarding our only feasible supply line into Afghanistan? Oh that's right. We're going to pull out of Afghanistan and then al-Qaeda will no longer want to attack us anymore. How does that work again?

How does this "warmonger(ing)" manifest itself? Who would you say are the main "warmongers" in the Obama administration? Describe their villainy for us please. Go ahead.


It's not that they won't want to attack us anymore. We would have our full military presence in the US to protect from attacks. That means that the terrorists would have to travel/coordinate across the globe to attack us (which is easier to predict) and then they would have to get through a huge increase in continental security.


no actually the moderator brings up Israel.

They asked where he stood on Foreign aide, he said cut it..., moderator even Israel, he said he would cut all aide equally.


He's been finished since he first ran years ago.

Guy's got a better chance of becoming the pope than becoming president.


There's a huge middle ground. People called "moderates" live there. I understand you have never heard of it. Few here have.


There is no such thing as a moderate. Only people that delude themselves into thinking they can have it both ways.