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Ron Paul


I hope he wins the presidency over in the USA.

He has simple, well thought out policies from the looks of it. He just comes off as a nice, thoughtful guy who also has the balls to do what he thinks is right.

I don't quite understand the whole non-governmental health care thing but he is clear about why it will work and he would make medical expenses tax deductable which actually makes a of sense.

Barack wants to change the world but I like how Ron Paul prefers to create a more free, less governmented USA to be an example rather than force things on other countries.

It makes sense when you think about. Republican who is against the war in Iraq (and knows that defense of the USA is not fighting someone elses civil war).

Vote Ron Paul (since I can't).

EDIT: Yes. I know it ain't gonna happen.


You are 9 months too late.


I also like Ron Paul's ideas.

The problem is that the majority of people are far too stupid to be able to live with complete freedom.


Did you vote for the Libertarian party at the last election?

How do you feel about the fact that one of their policies is to scrap the ABC?

I love the concept of Libertarianism and I hate having my own freedom limited in order to protect others from their own stupidity.

With that being said though I just don't hold enough confidence in people in general to believe that Libertarianism would work.


Freedom also means the freedom to fail. Stupid and lazy people will either adapt or perish.


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I really like Ross Perot's chances.........let's all learn to accept some things.., like Ron Paul has no chance.

Edit: No offense Spry, didn't see your EDIT.


If McCain dies of a heart attack, will Ron Paul be the nominee?


The problem with any drastic political change is that you need people to be educated/indoctrinated with that ideology in order for it to work.

The KGB and Russian Mafia basically took over the economy with the collapse of the USSR because they were the only ones who had any idea how to do business.

The entire Russian populace was indoctrinated into following orders and working jobs.

Not exactly your jet-set, high-rolling, wheeling-and-dealing entrepreneur material.

In order for a Ron Paul-style revolution to work, you'd need to indoctrinate an entire generation into the new philosophy.

Otherwise, I expect, we would see massive social instability with the loss of social support programs. People just wouldn't magically revert back to 1950's utopian society.



Go ask a black man or a communist about how much "utopian" it was.


They sure wouldn't like it under Paul.


How so? If he follows the constitution as claims he will, what's there not to like?


For fuck's sake.

You know what I meant.

The lack of social programs and being forced to be responsible for taking care of one's self. The blacks and communists will hate it.

That is what Zap is implying.


I am not sure what people mean by "follow the constitution" because it gives us a lot of leeway but he will gut most federal programs and laws. He will allow the states to do whatever the hell they want. The federal government has been key in overcoming so much discrimination. Under Paul that would regress.



Under Ron Paul, watch Biblical young-Earth creationism start being taught in schools, making American high school science graduates the laughing stock of the world.



It is more than that. The communists can fuck themselves and I am not a big fan of social welfare programs but federal law has been key in trying to fix many racial inequities. Federal law is not perfect and often needs to be fixed but Paul wants to throw it all back at the states.

While I am not a big fan of affirmative action I think without federal oversight things would regress in many parts of the country.


Precisely. Kansas would remove evolution from the text books and San Francisco would have mandatory gay sex in the classrooms. It really would be a fiasco.


Exactly why I can not and will not (could not and would not) vote for him.

Can we end this shit already? Ron Paul = dead topic.


As far as fiascoes are concerned, I'm more interested in the ones that cost human lives.

And I'm not the only one.


Come now, grasshopper...he's far from being a dead topic just because you wish him to be so.