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Ron Paul, Yey or Nay?


I'm trying to expand my horizons a bit about Ron Paul. I noticed some of you don't like him and some of you do. For the ones that don't I'd like to know WHY you don't like him. Please don't just say he's crazy. I'd like to see some real concrete answers as to why you don't like him.







These are not Ron Paul's words and anyone who has ever read anything he has written would know. Also, anyone that knows him knows he doesn't even own a gun.

He also has as his ideological heroes two Jews, two blacks, and one Indian. Why would a racist ever not only admit to that but also put up $100 of his own money to award one a congressional medal of honor (which his fellow congressmen who are supposedly not racist declined to do).

I bet both Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell would vouch for him, too.


Holy Shit!

Do Mises, Rothbard and Sowell know !?!

Damn those sneaky Jew and black academic quoting racists!

Devious motherfuckers....


Sure, Rothbard (as well as brother Lew) knows - he's one of the authors of the "manifesto" of paleolibertarianism. You know, like in 1993, when Rockwell complained in the Rothbard-Rockwell Report that: "cited a Washington Post column on films that feature 'plenty of interracial sex, and nobody noticing,' a news article about black members of the Southern Methodist University marching band 'engaged in mass shoplifting while in Japan,' and a sob story about a Korean shop-owner who shot a black shoplifter and assailant in the head: The travesty is that Mrs. Du got five years probation, and must cancel a trip to Korea."

As for Thomas Sowell, you may want to try again. Google it. Mostly the hits I get are angry Paulnuts expressing their dissatisfaction of Sowell for refusing to endorse (or even acknowledge) Paul.


Ron Paul is not a racist. Jeez.



As cool as Ron Paul is, he will never, ever be elected. It's just how it is.




Yeah seriously.

It cracks me up how all these simple minded little twits can ever pull out is the Almighty Race Card. Yeah, just forget that he completely opposes an imperial foreign policy that kills hundreds of thousands of brown people right? Let's just overlook that. Let's forget that he wants to end the drug war which hurts the minorities the most. Nah, its better to be an idiot and not think. Slander is always more fun. LOL! Geez these morons are SO DESPERATE.

I see that "yes he's nuts. He's a kook" and so on even though almost everything this guy has predicted has come true.


But someone wrote these letters.

My bet is Lew Rockwell and Paul is unwilling to throw him under the bus.

That might be honorable, or at least loyal on a personal level, but for a candidate...


But are the letters "racist"?


You mean full of racial slurs?


Do they give off a strong odor?



Two things come to mind.

  1. Anti-Ron Paul types are the opposite of desperate. There's nothing to be desperate about - Paul doesn't have a chance at the Oval Office, and he has no impact on national politics at this point in his career. I doubt he could even win a statewide office. None of the people who don't like Paul have any fear of him - he's inconsequential. We just don't like him, and when someone like the OP asks "what not to like?", there is plenty of good material with which to educate him, and we're happy to help someone not waste their time going down the useless rabbit trail of being a Ron Paul fan.

  2. In every post, you seem to insist on a tired theme that you are so much more intelligent than your opponent, and with every post, it is less and less believable. Get a new schtick.


And so, one of two things is true. Either:

  1. Paul is racist, or

  2. Paul was more than happy to pander to crude racist elements for political gain.

Even if his most loyal moonbats insist that #1 isn't true, #2 isn't better.


ZEB must be dead......this is like a layup thread for him.

Perhaps he is trolling the CrossFit boards again......sounds like fun actually.


Moonbats, ha! That's what you call someone who you cannot beat with an intellectual argument.

I guess that makes me and anyone else who bests you intellectually a "moonbat".


I havent had time to go over all the links that were posted but I think the racism accusation is pretty weak.

  1. Libertarianism is based on the government protecting the peoples individual rights. Racism would be government supporting the rights of only "certain"people. Ron Paul is a Libertarian.

2.If a business doesn't want to sell something to me because I'm black i think they have the right to do so. I'll go buy someplace else and in the meantime I'll tell all my friends, family, co-workers and even make a YouTube video. Besides, if someone is dumb enough to run a business like that they deserve to loose customers. ( I was talking about the Civil Rights act article, sorry about that).


The racism accusation doesn't hold water. As for things to like about Ron Paul, my biggest one would be him wanting to end the fed and the accompanying fractional reserve banking system.


How can you know if the accusations are weak if you haven't bothered to look at the evidence supporting them?

No, that isn't the definition of racism, and there is nothing incompatible about racism and libertarianism, despite that awkward explanationyou attempted. You've made that point yourself in the point you made in #2 above. In a libertarian regime, an unapologetic racist would/should be able to deny use of his property to races he hates. So, someone could clearly be a rabid racist and a libertarian - you clearly support someone's free-born right to be a racist and exercise that racism through their private property.


Ok, so tell us why.


True, they are perfectly compatible as long as they stay in a private area.

Not so much when the state is used to discriminate between races which is something I believe that Paul would definitely not do.