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Ron Paul Wins RLC Straw Poll


He won with 40% of the vote.


Well, I know where this thread is headed...


And tell us John what exactly does that really mean? (Yawn)


The he is stealing your young and his ideas will still live on long after Romney or Bachmann are rightfully forgotten?


It means he won the RLC straw poll, now I know the way things usually go is once Ron Paul wins they are irrelevent but I don't know too many pundits that are going to call the RLC irrelevent.


Well, I hope that you're correct. Paul has many good ideas and hopefully they will live on. One of those ideas however is pretty silly, and that is him running for President.


I wouldn't say that it's totally irrelevant. But, in light of the fact that this is only June of 2011, and that other bigger names skipped the contest it's close to being irrelevant.

John, Paul is NOT going to become President. He's not even going to get the nomination. And in fact when things heat up down the road Paul will slide back down to his usual bottom tier position.

These things you can be sure of!


Zeb is right here, John.

As I've mentioned on a few threads, the GOP Candidates are sort of 1) playing to their strengths 2) "playing nice" with each other and 3) focusing on the President. (As it probably SHOULD be at this point).

But the Primaries are a brutal process, where the candidates will HAVE to begin to differentiate themselves from each other.

I'm no Paul expert...but supposedly he has said and written things that will be exposed and ridiculed by the other candidates as things heat up.

His supposed grasp of economics and the Federal Reserve simply won't be enough to save him from the bombs that will be thrown his way.



ZEB, if Ron Paul wins in Ames, would that mean anything?


From what I read this morning, I guess straw polls don't mean a whole lot.

"Why Straw Polls Are Not News"


"Huntsman?s second place finish astonished some observers, since it is well known that while the former Utah governor has a lot of support on the editorial boards of the Washington Post and the New York Times, he has virtually no support among grass roots Republicans who usually attend events like the RLC. But it?s really not surprising. As Jonathan Martin reported in Politico, Huntsman paid people to show up and vote for him, something he won?t be able to get away with once the voting starts for real."


Actually nothing that he said in the past that could be used against him will actually be used. He will not be important enough for anyone to try to bring up things from the past. Paul is a practically a non-entity when it comes to Presidential politics.


Paul is never going to win anywhere he can't stuff the ballot box by bussing in large amounts of gullible 20 something's.


And yet without those votes the GOP has no chance of winning.


Why is Zeb the "loudest" poster in any Ron Paul thread that pops up?


I am pretty sure the core Republicans would hate if Paul won the nomination , that would mean Jesus has lost control :slight_smile:


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That's why, as I've said repeatedly in the past, the republican nominee whomever he or she may be, makes it known that Ron Paul will have a high level cabinet post.


And one of the only ones who actually makes sense.


How about the next FED chairman? Then Ron Paul could force the Congress and President to balance the budget immediately. Given a republican President and Republican Congress that would probably mean that military spending would be the last to get cut.
That would be satisfactory to your limited government but strong defense position wouldn't it Zeb? Or am I getting you wrong?


It's just conjecture.

I can do it too.

Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, and Michelle Bachmann cannot win.

See? I am brilliant.