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Ron Paul Revolution


Of the Ron Paul threads I found, they are locked. I am not a Jon Stewart fan normally but this video was awesome! :o ]


It's a conspiracy.


Even Cain is beating Paul now in the polls. What a kick in the ass that is to the Paulites.


Cain has more support now because people are suckers for cancer.

He'll be forgotten soon enough.


You're probably right. But really what's the difference? Nationally Cain is around 8% or so and Paul is at 7%. If Paul has an incredibly great season he barely breaks into double digits -Big deal.


I am not sure how meaningful those polls are.

I have been paying attention to the straw polls where people actually have to show up. Ron's been doing quite well when it comes to those.


Oh please Lifty don't make me educate you on the many difference between a legitimate national public opinion poll run by experienced people and that nonsense that Cain won (with 2,700 votes LOL).

I'm sure you understand the differences.

And I'm sure no matter how fascinated you are with Ron Paul I am sure that you are smart enough to know that he will absolutely NOT become the next President of the United States. Nor will he get the GOP nomination. As I said if he's lucky he'll wind up barely in double digits by convention time.

So you can sing his praises all you want, no problem. But just don't raise your level of enthusiasm to idiotic proportions the way some have around here. Because sane adults know that he's not winning.


Meehhh...let's just say I will remain skeptical until the official results are in.


You are skeptical of my analysis that he won't win? And that's because you and many around you are pro Paul right?



He'd win if 80% of the 'under fifty' voters did an hours research and actually voted.

but as I get older I see more evidence people are apathetic idiots; and I become more inclined to buy rrsp stocks that sell booze, ciggs, and fast food. (mcd for the win haha)


I always hear people rant that Paul will never win. Once it would be nice to see proof of these 'opinions' shrug

Paul is hands down the best candidate in the polls right now. Please show me how he supposedly can NOT win.


Difficult to actually PROVE what is going to happen in the future, however if this is any help:

or this:


Congratulations! By quoting a source like wiki, that makes you look and sound totally ignorant and unfamiliar with your stance. My God you even admit that you cannot prove the future, yet through speculation that is your claim. Give it up my man. Objectively read about all the candidates and then tell others why and how you arrived at your position (save your sources). Reading biased opinions is nothing close to the truth. NYT for example. May I suggest you never to use wiki as any kind of 'source'. Ultimate fail to someone who knows anything. Congratulations again on joining the select few posters, here on these boards! The number grows everyday though shrug


He's the one who can beat Barack IMO. Liberals actually respect him because they can see he is for real.

Examples - I hope they imbed

DL Hughley

Bill Maher

The View

He is being welcomed and respected and even loved on these shows without even compromising his stance. And then you say that we need Romney because the country is to liberal. Ekh! There is no reason for a liberal to take Romney over Obama. Many of them actually would take Paul over Obama, those videos above show it.

I've seen it in my own family, they laughed at me and told me I was wasting my vote back in 08, they voted for Obama. But now they are mostly with me. And that has happened throughout a large portion of the country really.


Okay kiddies no one can know the future. I am merely predicting Ron Paul's demise based upon what I have read and seen first hand in my many years involved in politics.

Sure maybe a 76 year old Congressman who sounds most of the time like an old crank, and who has run and lost two previous times can win. But my experience tells me otherwise. Why is it that he didn't catch on the first two times that he ran? Exactly! Old Congressman who do not appear within striking distance of the middle don't catch on with the majority and never get elected President. How bold of me to point out facts!

And upon further observation it appears that his appeal is to the young male,(not all) mostly in their 20's. Just like the guys defending him on this and other threads. And the reason for that is Paul gives them the simple answers that they can accept so readily. Everything in Paul's world is simple and that is a very easy message to hold onto. Just like "hope and change" was easy for the 20 something Obama supporters. Does he actually believe his mantra? Let's hope not.

Anyway, I'll stick to my prediction that Paul will be lucky to break into low double digits nationally. And he will not become the GOP nominee. And in circles where people know what the hell they're talking about this is not a bold prediction. In fact, it's a given.

That young males on this site do not want to hear this is also predictable. No hard feelings guys. In fact, I admire your zealous support of Paul and your involvement. I just hope that you continue to stay involved after Paul goes by the wayside....again.


Who is another candidate, even on the Republican screen? And just to let you know, you are off by a decade in your twenty something prediction, at least in rearguards to me. I have no clue who will win the next Presidential election. In fact, no one does. However I can get behind someone who will be in my mind, the one to lead America back to her roots. Where she needs to be IMHO.

I cannot claim all your years of experience in politics. However I took serious notice when Obama took office. I knew, without a doubt he would be horrible. Obama has done nothing to show me to be wrong. Will Obama take office again? I sure hope not and I tell everyone my stance and my reason for it. I will debate anyone who 'likes' Obama and their reasons.

I will get behind a candidate when they are consistent and what I would chose if our positions were switched. Ron Paul may be 'old' but I would wager he could run circles around Obama and still have enough gas in the tank to do an honest days work. I know he doesn't smoke either! How many other people in the nomination spectrum can even stand up to the knowledge of Ron Paul? The consistent honesty? The objective truth? I see not even one.


Pay no attention to him. He's under this hysterical delusion that everyone who wants to vote for him is 20 years old. He does have a large youth following though.

I don't think Herman Cain will last long either. So who will win? Hell if I know. There have been so many candidates coming in with leading numbers then fading. It should happen to Cain too.


Ron Paul supporters question time. :slight_smile:

Ron Paul says that the Iranian hostage crisis occurred because the US was "meddling" in Iranian affairs.

Note: Col "Chargin' Charlie" Beckwith on the Iranian hostage crisis:

"I said to him(CIA liason officer)..'What we gotta do is get in touch with the stay-behind assets in country and task them with our intelligence requirements.'...He led me to a quiet corner and whispered the astonishing news, 'We don't have any.'

Question the first - How was the US "meddling" in Iranian affairs without any intelligence assets in Iran?


I didn't quote wikipedia or use it as a source. I was just making the point that RP hasn't had much success in the past. I wasn't trying to be hostile; just joking. You and I probably have much we agree upon. I don't like the NYT or Obama either.


Mosaddegh -> Blowback

I cut your question because the rest was just extra BS that doesn't even make sense in light of the fact that this section of the question is answerable.