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Ron Paul Moneybomb Results



710,000 in one day! Should be hearing announcing his run soon.


Oh boy, more meaningless nonsense from the Paulies. Explain to me again how a 78 year old Congressman who comes off as someone who should be sitting on his porch hollering "you kids get off my lawn" is going to take the nation by storm. Especially when he couldn't do it in three (or was it four) previous attempts.

The stupidity regarding Ron Paul is monumental. And I laugh every time I see some dumb ass 21 year old send in his beer money to the Paul campaign. But don't don't worry guys (and I do mean guys a woman has never voted for Ron Paul, no not one) there's always Paul in 2016, he'll only be 82.

This circus comes to town every four years. Whether most people want to see it or not, and most never do.



I donated. He sounds like he doesn't want to run, though.


2 attempts and with each more attempt he brings more youth to the movement regardless if he wins or not. The ideas of liberty are making traction. The young people get it.

You may think it is not worthwhile because you believe "he cannot win"; but it isn't always about winning now if one can influence enough people to make a difference later.

I am glad he irritates old people like you. It's the old people that need to hurry up and die so we can have some real change.


Lulz. It's so funny to see people get worked up about Ron Paul. I know that's partly why I'm probably going to vote for him.

And this, from a quick google search: http://girls4ronpaul.blogspot.com/


Do they genius? If so that means that they understand that Obama is going to solve their problems because the overwhelming majority of young people 18-28 voted for Obama. Better check your facts before you assume all young people are for Paul. Only a small portion of young people are for Paul. I guess when you're caught up in la la land facts don't mean as much.

If I'm old then Paul must be a zombie member of the walking dead.

Yes, the kind of change that gave you Obama. As I said and statistics will back me up, your "young" people betrayed you and they will again as they continually vote for the democratic candidate who promises them more from the federal government. That's one more obvious fact that escaped you.

Please pour out more of your political knowledge on this thread-- The world needs more laughter.


Yes, a below average blonde with a Ron Paul T-shirt certainly demonstrates his ability to attract the female vote. When you get the chance take a peak at how the demographics roll out for good old (and I mean old) Ron.

(eye roll)


I didn't say all the young people will vote for him. I say that he makes traction with the young people -- especially those that tend to lean right. Plus, he takes more "liberal" votes than any of the other republican candidates.




I agree but you've forgotten one very important thing; none of that matters unless you become the flag bearer for the party. And paul won't be anywhere near the top when they have the republican national convention.

Now I could type "Case Closed" but I know the case is never closed with the starry eyed Paulie set. As this group of people don't fully understand fact from fiction.

Case Closed? Naw...you still have 2016, and 2020 and until he drops dead of old age. I get it I get it.


Doesn't Paul have a son? Maybe Ron will make a name, ruffle some feathers, and inform the masses. After Obama gets elected again (it's inevitable) and grows the gov and ruins more lives maybe we will wake up. Hopefully after Obama's second term (effectively destroying any black persons chances of ever getting elected again) we will come together as a nation and elect someone who will follow the constitution like our founding fathers intended.

It still baffles me how we learn about the constitution in school and then not follow it as a nation. Why do we even have it anymore?


Yes, he's the president of the hair club for men.


Meh, women and ethnic minorities are notoriously statist. Has always been that way.

However, you did say, "and I do mean guys, a woman has never voted for Ron Paul...". Guess you were wrong.


Hyperbole to make a point. And I think you know that.


I am amazed anyone gives this phony money.