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Ron Paul for President!


He believes people should decide for themselves what they should do, not have the government babysit you:

It would be great if he could win, I see this as an end to the steroid witch-hunt.



As much as I like his specific ideas of nonintervention, Constitutionalism, and others, I could not ever morally support Ron Paul due to his very narrow minded and bigoted views on gay rights, abortion, as well as his close ties with people I dislike for even more extreme views.

I do adore the man's true desire for a government that does not attempt to either babysit or impose the morality of an oppressive majority, though.


I almost posted this earlier today, hes got my vote for numerous reasons.


I like most of his views on things so far with exception to the war. Don't see how he's bigoted though. It seems like people use this word too much thus losing its true meaning. Mitt Ronmey is another fav of mine.


I don't agree with him on everything (then again, does anyone agree 100% with any politician?) but on some very big issues I do, like his respect for the Constitution - something that's in short supply these days. Restoring that can go a long ways to fixing some of the other problems. And he takes the most principled stands of anyone running president. He'd pull us out of the misadventures we're in overseas and concentrate on fixing our house - economy, infrastructure, etc.

Voting for anyone else is a vote for more of what we've had for years now, and a continuation along the same path we're on now.


I have a problem with throwing away my vote on a person that's virtually guaranteed to lose.

Oh, and any person that thinks that homosexuals are lesser people in society is a bigot by every sense of the word.

EDIT: I myself also like Romney. He's a man of morals, and an eloquent speaker. I would not vote for Giuliani because he's a man that likes to feed on the changing tides. Plus he stutters, and I don't think we need yet another President that comes off as an idiot. But on the other hand, I love me some Obama.


Agreed on Giuliani. Interesting thoughts on Obama and Romney since they stand at different ends of the political spectrum. I personal think Obama is naive and too unexperienced. Have you read his book?


I don't like his stance on the war but there is no question we need to change what we are doing regarding the "war on drugs."


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Ugh, I've been meaning to and keep telling myself I'll buy it soon but always forget. I agree, however. He's still politically naive and very inexperienced on the how-to's. Perhaps that's one of his greatest appeals, however.

I would describe him as a 5 year-old boy walking into a strip club. He and Romney are worlds apart, though. But I link them together for their (apparent) determination, intelligence, and commitment to stick to their guns when the pressure mounts.


I personally have always enjoyed hearing Sen. Mccain speak. Very intelligent, fluid, makes good points....and I feel like you can trust that what he says he will do.



And you can trust on McCain to tell wisecracking young kids to shut the fuck up.


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What is the 2nd Amendment ? and what means "living document"?



Guys lets keep this in the political forum, training and steroids are my little escape from the idiocies associated with our countries modern politics, and more importantly the politicians and their whacked out views of what they believe is important.


There's political forum? Why the hell didn't anybody tell me?