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Ron Paul Duped by Bruno


Ron Paul thought he was involved with a serious interview, when lo and behold... Sasha Baron Cohen was stripping down to seduce him. Does it get your laugh? Apparently Ron Paul calls him a queer... what do you think of the whole thing?

more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udDqu9IyCjM&feature=related

I can't find the actual footage, so I hope it will suffice.


Boy, ha ha ha, that's so hilarious. Bruno is really clever. Lying to set up an interview and then taking his pants off. Wow did he make Ron Paul look stupid by doing that.

Great thread.


My sentiments exactly. It always amazes me what is passed off for humor these days.


It´s not Bruno, it´s Brüno or Brueno.

I wonder whether the forum can do umlaute.

ä, ö, ü...


It seems it can´t-

Why not?


Because this is an AMERICAN site, where us good AMERICANs all talk AMERICAN.

We don't have to accommodate all you faggoty European foreigners who criticize AMERICA with faggoty foreign words using fancy schmancy diacritical marks like umlauts and cedillas and tildes and graves and acutes, that no good AMERICAN would ever be caught dead using.



Is anyone one else annoyed by The New Yorker (an AMERICAN magazine) use of a diaeresis to spell words with double vowels (cooperation, reelection and preemption)? We know how to pronounce those words. We don't need the stinking The New Yorker to remind us.


Maybe they figure that people are naïve about pronunciation.

Of course, the diæresis has a long history in English, so perhaps the New Yorker is just hoping that their usage of it will cause its reëntry into the common parlance.


Your diacritical keyboard kung fu is strong!






Damn, and here I thought I was speaking English.




I wonder if you guys would have found humor in it if it would have been Obama.

I thought Borat was amusing, not for what Cohen himself did (shitting in the middle of NYC, etc), but for the responses he got. I'll probably find similar things funny in Bruno.


Answer to your wondering: no.


Fair enough.


Maybe this makes me immature, but I find the thought of it mildly amusing. I think it's the fact that they told him they would be discussing Austrian economics that cracks me up.

I probably won't watch the movie though.


I find it funny, but what I don't get is how people buy this nonsense.


It all basically comes down to making fun of people that are not hip enough to get the joke. Hypersensational playground antics.

I don't find anything humorous in any of Cohen's "work".


While this is surely some of it, it certainly doesn't all come down to this. For example, please tell me how in the Rodeo scene in Borat the joke was simply that the people there weren't "hip enough" to get it. I understood it not as "haha, these people's ignorance blinds them from seeing I'm making fun of their ideology", but instead as "haha, these people are so mindlessly blinded by their ideology that they'll go along with anything for its sake". The former is "playground antics", while the latter is satire.

Of course I'm not saying that all of Cohen's stuff is ingenious satire or something. Of course there is a good bit of mindless crudity and "playground antics" in it.

I still think that many of you guys wouldn't so vehemently score Cohen if his stuff was directed against liberals.