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Ron Paul Causes Epic Depression


"Ron Paul continues his effort to crash the world economy. The only change in recent days is proof positive that major players in both parties are acting as silly and irresponsibly as Dr. Paul. If anyone were foolish enough to follow Paul's advice and destroy any attempt to reach a bipartisan agreement through a committee, every rating agency would downgrade the U.S. The American and world economies and global markets would crash."


Is Ron Paul deliberately trying "to crash the world economy?" And when did he become the leader of congress, anyway?


No, the world economy is doing a good enough job of that itself.


My, my. The accusations against Ron Paul are getting awfully desperate aren't they? Even to the point of sheer mindless idiocy. LOL


And wouldn't you know it Ron Paul is rising in the poll's. This saturday is going to be fun at the Iowa straw poll, bet you all can guess who I am voting for.


Would you like to bet who is NOT going to win?



I'm looking forward to seeing how RP goes at the GOP debate Thursday. I'm not so sure Iowa Christian conservatives will be impressed with his pro-gay marriage stance, his hard drug legalisation stance and his batshit foreign policy.


Every group of people have their favorite candidate. And I can see how Paul would appeal to younger more naive males. Utopia to them would be:

1- Make drugs legal.

2- Stay out of all foreign conflicts.

3-And basically a socially liberal stance.

Each of those three effects young males directly as they are the biggest consumer of drugs, fight all the wars and for obvious reasons would love a more socially liberal country. Unfortunately there is some good news and some bad news about Paul's candidacy.

First the bad news: Paul will lose in Iowa and go on to lose every where else he runs.

Now the good news: I get to be proved right once again as I was back in 08'. And (if that wasn't enough) I get to poke fun at the Paul supporters for their out right foolish belief that Paul can win.

It's a good season.



You're describing yourself not Ron.


That's bad news?

No, I was describing Ron Paul's foreign policy.


Bad news for the Paulies. Good news for the country (and me).


Not that I believe that Paul will win....but you and John S. should have some sort of gentleman's wager regarding the possibility of Paul getting the nom....


I would glady make a bet that Ron Paul will not get the nomination. Now if we could just get John S. to agree.


Sure is. While I don't think he'll get elected he'll probably do much better than last time. His poll numbers are already much higher than at this time in 2007 and it continues to rise. I'm a little surprised but so much the better.


His numbers are better in some areas, not much different in others. But what's the difference right? It's not like he's building momentum for 2016. He'll be 76 on the 20th of this month. That means he'll be 80 years old if he decides to give it yet one more try. So, who cares if he's doing marginally better in some areas this time around? It matters not. I'm guessing the Paul fantasy ends with this primary season.


He's done an excellent job of spreading the message of liberty to millions. This will be his last term in political office of any kind. He's worked hard all his life and deserves a rest. Others, either in politics, education, activism of some kind, or wherever will pick up the mantle. In fact, that is already being done.

In some ways I hope he does not get elected, in some ways I hope he does (though I'm not expecting it).


Your wish will be granted, I assure you.


Well, at least the comments section does a great job of pointing out what a moron the writer is. I might as well quit my dayjob if hacks like that can get articles.


Whether or not a candidate can win is piss poor criteria for whether or not they should receive your vote. Voting in favor of your conscience and beliefs is called integrity.


Integrity is for 20 year old fools man. Didn't you know that?


Oh I see then I'm going to write in my Uncle Harry who has an IQ of 178 and is the finest man that I ever met. Good idea?

Think again.