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Ron Paul and Bin Laden


As much as I like Paul's fiscal views, this is the main reason that I would never vote for the man:


If he were President during WW2 he would have coddled Hitler. We'd all be speaking German right now. I wonder how Paul would have felt had he been President, not killed Bin Laden, and we suffered another attack on our main shores killing thousands of innocent Americans.

Honestly, I don't know of any other serious politician on either side of the fence that has any credibility that agrees with him on this issue.


I agree. I'd like to vote for him but with this kind of stuff I just can't. I hope he gets a lot of votes in the upcoming primaries, though. I think he's going to lose in the end, but I think he can garner enough of the moderate vote during the primaries, due to his fiscal policies, to help pull the Republican candidate pool a little closer to his line of thinking.


Hey nice to see you DB where you been hanging out?


He was hanging on a ceiling.

Long story.


Ron Paul would have first told the Pakistan government we where coming in because we knew where he was(just like we would want any government to do with a criminal that was here). And second he would have issued the order to at least try and capture him like we did with Saddam.

With today's gotcha journalism it is easy to read what he said in a short interview, but when you listen to his whole explination it tells a different story. As Zeb refers to it MSLM strikes again.


Yup. People need to stop listening to what people claimed Ron Paul said and instead actually listen to the man himself. Also it seems that with some people its always 1938. It certainly has been with the neocons. Every tin-pot dictator is always labeled "the new Hitler." Its gotten old pretty quickly. Its always used to justify an interventionist foreign policy though not because they are actually some type of actual "threat." Reminds me of the Saddam Hussein has nuclear weapons and is about to blow up the world. Are these people ever going to learn?


So, basically, he would've screwed it up. Ok, thanks.


And whined and blamed the Pakis.

Paul is a joke and sets back the cause of libertarians with his well documented lunacy.

He reminds me of the crazy uncle that can sound rational for about half a conversation before going off the deep end.


I didn't start out believing that but after reading about his absolutely wacky foreign policy positions, I have to say you're right.


In the spirit of good clean fun and my new low regard for some of Paul's crazy notions I have here a Ron Paul joke thread, enjoy:



In forums that aren't filled with bigotry, ignorance, homophobia, extreme paranoia and close-mindedness.


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Your crude attempt to lure me back here on a more regular basis again has no effect on me.


And why would that screw it up? Who do you think helped us catch the mastermind behind 9/11? Couldn't be Pakistan now could it. Or was it when Bush asked them for help it was a good thing, but Ron Paul doing it is bad.

So any more wise ass comments?


Well that doesn't sound like much fun.


Wasn't the Pakistan government hiding Bib Laden? How in the world could he have lived in a mansion in the middle of such a high class neighborhood in the open and not have the government be aware?

Obama did the right thing - And you won't hear me saying that too many times.


In all fairness (and the ISI pointed it out at the time, IIRC), Whitey Bulger was living in the lap of luxury (Santa Monica), and I don't consider The American Government to have been hiding him.

Doubtless Bin Laden had friends in Pakistan's government. Doubtless, Pakistan's government is not monolithic.

But its nice to know you're a fan of Obama.


The point of the matter is, is that while Paul's policies would have probably not got your jingo-ist revenge you wanted...his policies would prevent things like this from happening in the future. Had the USA never played global third world pimp we'd never have all these deranged boyfriends coming after us.

Also, Paul was asked about WW2 specifically, and he said he would have entered WW2 in the same way we did. If you don't recall, the AXIS ATTACKED us and it was only THEN that we we entered the war.

Also, killing Bin Laden has not really strategically done anything against Al Qaeda, if anything, it has immortalized it.


Yeah, how about this...When the nominations heat up, I hope every journalist, one after the other, brings this up. Maybe he can stammer his way through an explanation as dumb as his anti-civil war stance. When the blundering train wreck tells the American people he would've informed a government with more leaks than the Titanic that we were going to move in on the location of the foremost man we've spent lives, treasure, and blood to find, we'll have seen his last fool's dream of a presidency squashed between the fingers of the invisible hand of the American public. And while that may have been a ridiculously long run-on sentence, it's a fact, Jack.


It's a in one of the parts of this interview.