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Ron Harris: WASSUP, buddy??!!!?

RON!!! Wassup with “Muscle Media” crediting you with three pieces of the WORST advice given over the past ten years? It even got you an “Emmy” in their 10 year anniversary issue!

Just bustin’ your chops, bro’…it looks like the quotes came from a “tongue in cheek” article. (We all had a good laugh, though!)

Ron…still out there buddy?

I haven’t seen it yet, but considering the pussified tone of their magazine, I’m not too worried. And hey! An award is nice, too. I only hope the advice I supposedly gave was my own, and not lifted from one of the many “pro bb” training articles I do for MMI.

As long as we’re sort of (okay, not at all) on the subject, I was just wondering about something. You’ve stated several times here and there that Arnold was usually about 190 lbs during the off-season, and only gained weight leading up to a contest. You’ve attributed the gains (from 190 to 235-240) to a phenomenal response to steroids (and training, of course). I was just wondering if there was anything to back these claims up? I know it sounds bad, and I’m not trying to start anything here, but I’ve been around for a while too, and saw Arnold during his interregnum (i.e. between 1975 and 1980), and he said (and looked like) he weighed about 205-210 at that time. Also, I’ve never seen a pic of him after he came to America that looked like he was anywhere close to 190. So I was just wondering about this point… 190 seems awfully light to me… Anyway, any light that you can shed on this would be appreciated, just to satisfy my curiosity. Thanks!

Char-dawg, sorry if my numbers were a little off and Arnold was actually 205 instead of 190. The point made is the same, that he carried a lot less muscle most of the year. The Oak was and is a huge inspiration to me and millions of others, and I was not trying to discredit him in any way. Arnold was the man then, and he is still the man now. None of these guys today will ever be as influential and important in the grand scheme of bodybuilding as Schwarzenegger. Good enough?

ron- i am a massachusetts native like you.
I live in wilmington, where you at in mass?

Good enough, bud. Thanks for responding and satisfying my curiosity…and the next time I see Arnold I’ll weigh him myself!

Since my phone number is listed and I don’t want any sicko’s calling up at three AM (it’s happened before) and waking up my whole family, I’ll tell you this much. I grew up in Waltham and now live somewhere close enough to train at the Gold’s Gym in Stoughton. More of my life story is on ronharrismuscle.com, if anyone cares to know. Thanks!

Anyone ever go to ronharris.com? hehehe.

where the hell is stoughton?you must be south of boston.
ron, if you ever travel, I work at a gym where I live(20 min north of boston) that i would be honored to have you work out at.

Steve, I appreciate the offer. I try to never travel if I can help it. If I get more than a mile or two away from my kitchen I start getting anxious. And yes, Stoughton is south of Boston. The closest big city to it is Brockton. (home of Marvin Hagler, Rocky Marciano, and Mike Quinn)

Doesn’t Tedy Bruschi live in Brockton, too? Just thought I’d bring it up since the Pats are gonna kick arse tomorrow…

mike quinn is from brockton?I never knew that
massachusetts has to be the best state for bodybuilders etc-cutler,mattrarazo,you,mike quinn, chris aceto.

Massachusetts has been a bodybuilding powerhouse for years. That’s why I’m busting my ass to get into my all-time best shape for the NPC New Englands in Boston on May 5. Mass. bodybuilders are no joke, so I’m treating this like it’s the damned Olympia. The only thing I refuse to do is shout “light weight!” before every set like Ronnie Coleman. And may I add, go Patriots! (I’m writing this about 90 minutes before kickoff.)

Ron, congrats on training for the contest.
What weight are you at?

Be sure to post some ticket info regarding the NPC show in May in the month or two before the show. I’m in Maine and I’d love to support another T-Man who’s competing. Who would have thought…75-1 odds against the Pats at the beginning of the season! I’ve been wearing my McGinest jersey for three days straight…

My weight right now is 215, but I intentionally did it different this time and spent eight weeks getting lean from 232 before the 15 weeks before the show. I should end up about 205-210, but if I’m lighter, so be it. I go by the mirror anyway. If you’re not shredded, you might as well stay home. The promoter of the show is Jim DeCotis at (978) 774-6506, but I haven’t even received an entry form yet.