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Ron Harris: ?'s for you regarding Cardio!

Hey Ron! I read an article you wrote for Parillo’s Performance Press in May of '01 called “cardio doesn’t have to be catabolic”. You said a person can safely do up to an hour of cardio a day without wasting muscle mass as long as they ingest some protein before the session in the morning (the best time to get it done). How intense of cardio should you perform? Is it an hour of fast walking/biking/climbing or should it be more intense like running and other huff and puff events? Kind of funny how everything you read makes you believe that if you indulge in even a minute of cardio you are going to shrivel up. It’s apparent from your photos in Ironman that cardio hasn’t hurt your size any. Thanks, Look forward to your response!

AWESOME, i’ve been wondering about this too… hey can you post the URL to Parillo’s Performance Press… SO i can give it a read, I looked but could not find it…

Garratt: Here’s the addy: www.parrillo.com/press/ pressarticle.html?cart=3093356411652168&articleID =200105Training01
If that link doesn’t work just look up Parillo Performance on Google. Should be the first page on the list, look under publications and it will be easy to find.