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Ron Francis

To all you hockey t-freques. In my opinion, Ron Francis epitomizes the true nature of what a superstar should be in this day and age in sports. Lets face it, the guy is a superstar statistically–its becuase he isn’t flamboyant or an asshole, or always going for the money that the media doesn’t pay much* attention to him for. From his early days in Hartford, to some more glory days in the burgh, and now back with the franchise where he began–the guy is a true and real T-Man.
Later Vain

Me being from Detroit, I would have to say Steve Yzerman.

I don’t care how great a player Ron Francis is…Theodore and the Habs will close out the series in Montreal :wink:

Steve Yzerman is an icon and a perfect role model to anybody that considers themselves an athlete.Go Wings!

I’m no Detroit fan, but you can’t help but love Steve Yzerman. The guy still plays like he’s 20 yrs. old. He plays tough even when injured. Mostly I like how he leads by example and not with his mouth. He’s a true Ironman. I think the most inspirational story of the season however, is Saku Koivu of the Habs. Misses the whole season with cancer and chemo treatments and then comes back and plays well in the playoffs. Did anyone watch him Sun. night? A goal and an assist and was checking guys all over the place. for a European player, Koivu’s tougher than a two dollar steak.