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Ron Coleman Got His Gear Prescribed?

New to the forum, please forgive me if this has already been covered:

In this video Ron Coleman says everything he did was prescribed. around the 2:00 mark

Is this true? And if so, what does it take to get such a prescription. Seems wiser to use prescription gear under a doctor’s supervision.


Lol. Cant see any doctor prescribing 10+ grams of gear per week. Including tren, insulin, hgh, synthol and whatever else he took.



Exactly what I am thinking. That doctor should lose their license.

No doctor could get away with it. Hes lying, just like most BB’ers. The most he probably got prescribed was TRT test and some anti-aging GH dose.

Reminds me of the time Lee Priest said his highest dose was 750mg test and 400mg Deca. Lol.



I saw that video too. These guys always want to make it all about genetics, and how superior they are.


Exactly! It absolutely pisses me off.


Ron Colemans Doctor who gave him prescriptions

Like lee could get above 170 lbs lean natty, but competes 230 lbs. Just a bit of deca in the off season, lol.

I know a guy who is 5’2" 165 lbs and lean. Looks huge if nothing is there for reference. Great proportions.

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Of course he’s on a shit ton of gear, but I honestly believe there’s a lot of average IFBB pros on more gear than some Mr Olympia guys

What’s the opinion on here on Marcus Rühl?
The guy was an absolute beast, a freak. I think he should’ve won one.

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Obviously I don’t know any more than anybody else but it doesn’t seem unbelievable to me that he had a doctor prescribing his gear. Money talks and there are certainly unethical doctors. Technically it would not have been legal but sometimes you just need the fig leaf of that piece of paper to keep the DEA at bay. There are a lot of professional athletes out there on some very sophisticated doping regimens and I find it hard to believe they are buying theirs from that shady guy at the gym or over the Internet. Look at what Lance Armstrong was doing. But you have to pay big money out of pocket, they aren’t taking your health insurance card. Just like here in Colorado before recreational marijuana became legal and you had to get doctor’s “recommendation” (they couldn’t legally call it a prescription due to federal law) for medical marijuana and all you had to do was open a copy of the local alternative newspaper and turn to the back and there were all sorts of ads for doctors who would be happy to give you an “exam” and write your recommendation for whatever mysterious “pain” you might be experiencing. It’s amazing how many “sick” and “ailing” 20-something young men there were. Exactly the same thing happened back when alcohol was banned unless you had a “medical” exemption from a doctor.

Things to remember:

  1. There are always shady doctors out there willing to prescribe anything for a little extra cash.
  2. Ronnie was a cop, which sometimes means the law doesn’t apply to him.

He was freaky, but his proportions were not good.

I hate that these guys lie about hear usage but I totally get it. From people trying to imitate them to losing sponsors and what not, I understand.
What sucks is it gives an illusion of how hard it really is to get that big. I think that and people being dumb takes away from just how hard it is to be big.

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Next you’re going to tell me my 20 minute get shredded workout from mens health is bologna too.


Naw bro. That shits real. I’m just not ready mentally to be shredded so I haven’t ran it yet.


Its all true!!! These Pro’s have superior genetics for convincing Dr’s to prescribe them lots of steroids.
I have poor genetics I can only convince them to give me 125mg/week:)

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Notriceps though

Dennis wolf had bad… calf insertions/genetics

when you’re trying to be the best in the world you must have the PERFECT genes + response to drugs

i agree look back at the WWF wrestling scandal that doctor was giving it out even taking it to the headquarters

When you’re near the border with Mexico, it’s a short trip to a pharmacy for your shot, and then you roll back across the border. You only need a small scrip in the US and not physically carrying anything across the border (outside of your body) avoids issues. Just saying. I know it used to happen.