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Romney The Liberal

This one’s for all of you conservatives who are trying to swallow the load that Mittens is a “real” conservative without gagging. IMHO, a conservative would really have to put in some work in order to convince themselves that he’s nothing more than an overly polished liberal RINO.

One question that I have is this; what is it that would make a conservative choose Mittens over Newt? Personally, I think they’re both varying grades of shit, but in a heads up vote between only the two, I’d vote for Newt every time over Mitt.

[i] It is nonsense to claim that Romney, as a “moderate,” can appeal to centrist/independent voters and thus win the election. Independents don’t vote for Republicans who are not significantly different from their Democratic rivals. Romney is, on the issues, so aligned with Obama that there’s no real difference between them. When faced with a choice between a liberal Democrat and a liberal Republican, Americans always choose the Democrat (vide 1976, 1992, 1996, and 2008). An overt RINO can never defeat a Democrat.

The reason why Romney is even considered for the nomination is because of his name recognition, establishment pedigree, the establishment’s praise for him, and liberal media propaganda. The MSM wants to make sure that Romney becomes the nominee because he would be the easiest candidate for Obama to beat. Team Obama is already praying that Romney crosses the finish line first.

It’s time to stand up to the GOP establishment and say “no to Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee!”

This is the point, made much better, that I was trying to make to Zeb. Thankfully Republicans are still not seen as authentically liberal if that makes any sense. “If I want a liberal I’ll vote for one who’s good at it” or so they think. I’d take Newt one hundred times before Romney. As terrible as this sounds Newt is a professional bare knuckle scumbag politician who shares more of my views by far than Romney which means he’s more likely to get something done I like as well. The GOP did some good stuff between 94-98. The IRS reform hearings were unbelievable on C-Span.