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Romney on Pot


So according to Romney cancer patients should use much more expensive and addictive pain meds or synthetic marijuana which happens to have a shit ton of negative side effects rather than marijuana. How is this asshole the republican nominee.


I agree with everything he said.

Good question.


I won't be voting for him.


Then you'll be helping to elect Obama.


This isn't really a surprise, neither will be some of the comments you'll receive on here.

Many are still against ANY legalization, no matter what.


I don't see what is so wrong with letting cancer patient's use weed for there ailments. I really don't.


2007 was soooo long ago - I'm sure he's changed his mind by now...


"Romney on Pot"

I was expecting damaging video of red-eyed Romney sitting Indian-style on the floor, positing that the earth is, like, a cell. It's organic inhabitants being organelles. And, like, this cell is, like, part of the universe. Which is, like, an immense organism. And, like, the universe is alive, man. Alive!


And people like you willing to compromise core beliefs will deserve him.


their is not much of a difference between the two.


I won't be voting for him either , his refusal to look at the pot situation objectively is just the tip of the ice berg


I know at the tender age of 22 your little bag of weed that you keep stuffed in your sock drawer means a lot to you. But you better think twice before you call someone who is your superior in just about every way an "asshole."

There are better drugs for cancer patients than pot, you do know this don't you?

(eye roll)


Eye roll , you are uninformed Zeb


Well then why don't you inform me as to why pot is better than the over 200 cancer drugs that have been passed by the FDA and are ready to be used?

Go ahead educate me.

I'll expect to see some serious test results and comparisons of the various medications to weed.

This should be good I can't wait.


you're either for smaller govt, or you're not. this "drug war" is nothing but more govt in your life.


It's so funny when people try to justify marijuana being illegal.


Ok you guys aren't going to change Zeb's mind (trust me).

He just isn't for legalization, it's a culture change that will have to take place in this country. Unfortunately it is still thought of as a gateway drug (and with good reason is some cases). But one thing that doesn't help the cause is that ANYBODY can go into a doc here in Colorado say they have back pain or they get head aches and BAM they get a card.

One good thing I have seen is some are working on a plant strain with the pain suppression characteristics but with the high removed (maybe this is something Zeb would be for?).


Not all of us appreciate having the long cock of big government up our asses. And im curious as to how mr. magic underwear is superior to me, certainly not morally.


Wouldn't you guys say there's a huge incentive for pharmacy companies in keeping pot illegal?

I mean, why buy tylenol when you can go into your garden, roll a joint and smoke your pain away for pennies on the dollar?


Yes, but they are more expensive and therefore inaccessible to people that aren't as filthy, stinking rich as romonid - and that is the bigger issue.

Pot is a cheap alternative to deal with the side effects of cancer medications....you do know that don't you....you patronizing SOB.