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Romney 2012?


Do you think the base can get behind a Mormon after 4 years of Obama?

I don't see Palin heading the ticket just yet.

Anyone else on the horizon?


I don't see Romney being a major player in Presidential politics in the future.

I would hope that someone like Newt Gingrich will pop up and lead a new conservative movement.

I think Palin - should she remain in the national spotlight - would be a definite frontrunner in '12. I wouldn't be surprised if she appointed herself as the new congressman in Alaska.


After the conflagration of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, assuming that happens, The unelectable Newt may actually be once again electable.

I don't trust Romney. I sense a left streak in his soul.


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If the Republicans chose Romney, they'd have learned nothing.


I predict a Hillary Clinton vs Sarah Palin fiasco in 2012. Total cat fight.

Should be entertaining!


I LOVE the thought of Newt as president but he has too much baggage.

I think he would be one for the ages but I don't think he would stand a chance against the media onslaught.

He would get my vote for sure.


He could do it. He did it in 1994.

Newt-Palin 2012. Or Palin - Newt.

They are the best conservatives we have right now.


No love for mike huckabee?

If it's because you think he isn't a big enough name, he put the spot light on himself by staying in the primary race against all odds.


The Republicans REALLY need to do some serious soul-searching and get their shit together. No more nominating brainless, unqualified rednecks (cough Bush cough Palin) for high political office.

Unfortunately, I don't see any really bright up-and-coming stars in the party, save for Bobby Jindal, but even 4 years from now he'll still be too young to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate.

I'd rather see a third party emerge.


Palin will try, but she will never, ever be elected President, or even be nominated.

Being the VP candidate on a losing ticket has never led anywhere historically. Plus, she's already tainted by being seen as a numbskull (largely because -- she IS a numbskull), and that's not something she's going to be able to change.

Dan Quayle, who DID actually serve as VP, couldn't get more than about 3 people behind him when he once thought of running for the Republican presidential nomination. The moron label stuck, and he could never shake it.

Palin will never be President, or even close to it. Thank God.


Oh God, not Palin...I neither hate her on a personal level like others, or think she's the answer to what ills. I'm sure she does fine in Alaska, but I really hope she won't looked to as a champion in some future Republican comeback.


Please god no. She's not what the Republican party or the country needs. Furthermore, she alienated enough people in this election as the VP choice. If she were the Republican nominee, it would be sheer political suicide.


Still no love for Ron Paul, Zap? Granted in 2012 he will be creeping up on 80.

I agree with Damici, the republicans pretty much got what they deserve, I just wish it wasn't at the cost of the Donkeys running the fucking joint for two years.

Maybe the Libertarians can use this to their advantage? [/pipe dream]


Jindal will be 41 in 2012. The electorate has shown that being charismatic, youthful, and a minority is more important than any issue. Jindal is a prime example of these, and also a wonderful example of an immigrant family living the American Dream through hard work.

I don't agree with all of his policies, but there shouldn't be any problem getting both social-conservatives and small government conservatives behind him. I really think that right now he is our best shot in 2012, if he chooses to run.


Mmmm, maybe, but I think 41 is pushing it in the eyes of most voters. We'll see. A lot will depend on how Obama is doing as prez at the time. If Obama is very popular 4 years from now then Jindal ought to sit it out until 2016.

But apart from him, there really is NO ONE else exciting in the party. It might be over. (Which would be fine by me).


I think you are reading WAY too much into Obama's election. The fact that he is black has voting to do with his election.

Hillary would have had a Reaganesque landslide had she won the nomination.

The right needs to move back to the principles that created the revolt in 1994: unabashed conservatism. Lower spending, lower taxes, less government. They sold out the ones who put them in office, and the country will be paying for the defection for a long time.


As said, the republicans are going to have to redefine themselves before figuring out who should be on top of the next ticket.

A little bit less ideology and more reality might help.

However, the republican party is welcome to become the party of angry old white men, that will ensure it a string of losses...


It is wishful thinking to talk about 2012. Palin is a nonstarter and Newt is questionable too. The Republicans are going to have to change their tune.

Some of the planks of the Republican party represent views that the majority of Americans do not support and they have alienated people because of them.

First off they need to kick the religious fanaticism to the curb because it is extremely polarizing and alienates people who otherwise would be supportive of the Republicans.

When you have people like Palin who think the Flintstones is a documentary. It makes the Republicans look like backwards idiots. We did not live alongside dinosaurs the world is older than Genesis, fucking grow up and get over it.

Once they do that, they will be able to give up their wetdream of overturning Roe v Wade. Thanks to that bullshit we are now in danger of loosing our second amendment rights.

Then there is the war on drugs. The world war two vets are dying at the rate of a thousand a day. Their kids were hippies in the sixties and their grandchildren who were ravers in the nineties are voting age now.

The Republicans need to wake up to the reality of the generational change. Even the baby boomers are becoming grandparents now. The social ideas that played well in Reagan era are way outdated now.

Unless Obama really has some big screwups he probably is not going to go anywhere in 2012.