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Rome is Burning


I'm typing this on my phone while inspecting parts on an assembly line so please bear with me.
I do a lot of ruminating while I work 60+ hours a week on this assembly line. I am waiting for the day that I am told there isn't going to be any more work for a while, since not a lot of people can really afford to buy new cars these days. I am scared.

I ponder, if so many people are unhappy with most of our elected leaders. Republican and democrat, why keep voting for republicans and democrats? "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results." Newsflash: most of them don't give a fuck about you. The signs are all around us, things are heading south quickly and we have been sold out by those we trusted to represent us.

My dream is to see this country return to greatness.
Where our elected leaders serve us, not us serving them.
Where the Constitution is THE law, not just an inconvenient piece of paper our leaders piss all over.
Where our leaders represent us, care about us, RESPECT US.

My plan is simple: Third party takeover of the house, senate, and presidency.
Reboot the system.
Most of you who read this are thinking that it would be impossible, but its not. In fact, it needs to happen and soon.


See it is not a majority that are upset with the system, it is the ones being robbed to give to those on welfare, or are privy to benefits of corporate welfare, entitlements from lobbying, special interests, unions. Those people want to keep down this destructive path. It is the approximately 35% or so being raked over the coals for them that are fed up.

The only way for a reboot at this point is through collapse and misery. People are still too comfortable to step out on a limb and do what is needed.


But it wasn't burnt in a day.

Joe Scarborough


I don't think it can be fixed at this point. Part of the problem though is that I think even those in power don't believe it can be fixed. We have to much division in this country based on race, religion, and ideology to unite on anything. The huge ego's of so many are going to cost us this nation before it is all said and done.


I sure hope your not "inspecting" parts that will end up on my car, as you type on your phone..... I wonder why Detroit quality isn't what it used to be. Let me guess, you're union?


Why? The people have exactly the right politicians, and exactly the right current state of affairs. The problem isn't the parties. They're the symptoms. We're the problem. And, barring the arrival of some extraordinary orator, we will get far worse, before we get any better. This nation is going to be a bunch of lonely, bankrupt (though we'll have collected some cool gadgets in the process) old folks wondering where in the hell all the well-adjusted (the likely tax producer, and not fellow consumer), entitlement fueling, young workers went.


Ohhhhhhh....... SNAP, SON!!!!


Yeah, this line bothered by quite a bit:

Hey Man a better country starts with one person at a time. Not screwing their employer while they are supposed to be working. Like posting on T Nation while you're supposed to be inspecting parts.

Stop worrying about the country and do your job.


It literally took me almost two hours to type that whole post. I am very good at what I do I have inspected thousands of these parts and I only was typing when there were no parts.

Reddog: Non-union, no benefits, no vacation days. It's cheaper that way.

I was hoping to get more opinions on the topic, though.


^^This^^ - the politics is really a symptom of the problem. Things could be changed almost instantly if the people so desired. like the other poster said - Easily 70 % + of the population is happy with the current system, they benefit from it( in the short run). There will either have to be an intellectual/moral/ethical revolution or collapse before anything changes. Many people complain that the system is broken and that things need to change but they then call for more government as the solution to the problem. This describes describes almost everyone I know - they have strong environmentalist/anti-corporate sentiments and see government as the solution. Sadly I don't see anything changing for 50 + years and even then it is doubtful.


I think a big part of the problem is societal/cultural as well.


you (and we) need a dynamic demograpy and an industry.

there is a two-step solution everyone can apply now.

1)- make a baby
2)- let him/her become a blue-collar worker.

that, or we will end up killing third world babies and/or our own elders.


This somehow, has happened in Greece in 1967. To make long story short, the army took the power from the politicians, had a "goverment" for 7 years, and when the leader thought its time for us to get back to democracy, sub-leader prisoned the leader and ruled for about 6 months. After that, he fell, a new goverment elected, corrupted double as what the previous were and the army rebels were prisoned.

Most of them died there, including the leader. I believe this is what will always happen in these situations. Some 3rd party will take control, unfuck things, then when they give up, everything will get fucked up again quickly enough. This is why I dont believe in democracy at the sense it has today.