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Rome Gyms


Looking for a gym recommendation for Rome Italy. Nothing fancy - just lots of free weights.
Thanks - Nick Doyle


I could give you recommendations for Siena, but I didn't spend that much time in Rome. Your best bet is probably to go to one of the internet cafes, and ask someone that works there. They tend to know the city very well and also speak good english (assuming that you don't speak Italian).


Nephorn, you studied abroad in Siena as well? Or are you italian?

Let me know

A presto


Ho studiato alla scuola di Dante Alighieri, a Siena, per tre mesi. E' una scuola della lingua Italiana, con gli insegnanti migliori. Non ho parlato l'italiano per tanto tempo, perche non c'e' una persona con cui posso parlare!

E tu?

I studied at the Dante Alighieri school, in Siena, for three months. It's an Italian language school, with the best teachers. I haven't spoken Italian for a while, because there's no one I can speak it with! And you?


Nephorm has some pretty good advice. The Romans, for the most part, are very friendly, helpful people. Alot of them do speak English and actually like talking to Americans so they can practice the language. I can't think of exactly where, but I do remember there being two fairly large gyms there.
I'm not sure because I was only there a few days (I stay in Sicily usually).

Oh yea...you can also check Yahoo! Italia, they should have gym listings.

Buona Fortuna


When in Rome, you should be thinking about picking up chicks, not picking up weights.


Nephorm, scrivi abbastanza bene l'italiano. Si, io ho studiato all'universita per stranieri. Era un programma di studio all'estero organizzata dalla mia universita qua negli USA.
Io vado in Italia molto spesso, e c'ho abitato piu di 4 anni, in tutto.
Sono un insegante d'italiano all'liceo.

Trans: I studied there too, I've been to Italy many times, I teach Italian.


Loopfitt- I agree with you in spirit, but it is harder to make casual initmate friendships w/ Italian girls. In other words, they don't give it up easy, which is why Italian men LOVE American and German girls!
Those girls are all puttane and mignotte...


Picking up women in Rome...easier said than done! All the American women are looking for Italians, and the Italian women have heard every line in the book from American men, not to mention the langauge barrier!

Anyhow, I'm also spending the entire summer working in Rome, so if anyone finds anything please let me know.