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romanian deadlifts

Yes, there are such a thing. Often done from a platform to increase the range of motion. They hit the Hamstrings pretty hard, but you can’t do them with more than a moderate load. just try to maintain the contraction in your erector spinae until you have to allow it to round in order to complete the range of motion. That will help ensure you pivot from the hip and not excessively flex the spine.

Thanks man. I’ll keep doing them like that, slighty bending my back at the end.

BigRob is correct. This is not a stiff-legged deadlift at all. The RDL is an excellent movement for hamstrings and spinal erectors. For you guys with bad backs (the ones that “can’t squat”), this is the exercise for you; it’ll cure you in short order. Start light and work up. The key to this movement is to stick out the glutes so that the bar movement is straight up and down. Keep a tight arch. DON’T ROUND THE BACK! BTW, a similar movement is the arched-back good morning.