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Romanian Deadlifts


I am never sore in my hamstrings after doing RDL's, but my glutes are always very sore... Is this normal, or is it most likely my form is off?


Bending your knees to much? Not sticking your butt out enough? Not loading your hamstrings before the lift?

I always find I'm a little sore after RDL's in the ham strings if I haven't done them in awhile.


Loading your hamstrings before the lift? Explain


Weights on the ground, you're setting up to lift it so starting squatting and getting into a regular deadlift position hands on the bar and all that. Then you straighten your legs out a bit, stick your butt out and really stretch your hamstrings, probably have to flatten your back more than a regular deadlift. Then you accept part of the weight and focus on pushing from the heels which should feel like your hamstrings are starting to flex and are loaded up. Then lift the weight and thrust your hips forward, then let the weight down in a controlled fashion keeping your butt out.

I think that sounds right, hard to visualize.


Not having seen your form there is no way to say.

But as a tip on Romanians, think of it this way:

Your job is not to get the bar as low as you can. In fact, your job is to have a fairly tight stretch at the HIGHEST height of the bar and your head that you can.

When that is your focus, you may find that your hams are at the bottom stretched much more so -- with the bar higher! -- than when you are aiming to get the bar low.


a friend of mine told me to visualize as if you have a rope tied aroun your waist and it is trying to pull you back, it works for me when visualizing and keeping proper form and you can definately feel a good stretch in the hams


Cool, Thanks for the advice,

I think I need to pay more attention to my form... I'm doing them in Poliquin' German Body Comp training program which I purchased. Problem is with the short rest intervals, I'm focusing more on getting through it than proper form as I would on a heavy lifting session. I'll try the techinques you all mentioned next time round... thanks!