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Romanian Deadlift

A few weeks ago there was a thread on the Romanian Deadlift. What is it, etc… After several posts explained the lift as a stiff-legged deadlift, BigRob (I think?) cleared things up and we were all informed of the proper way to perform the RDL as prescribed by D. Cioroslan. In this months Strength & Conditioning Journal (Vol. 24, #3, June 2002) in an article entitled ‘Teaching the Hang Clean and Overcoming Obstacles’ the authors’ instruct, “the angle of the knees remains constant.” This article goes to show that some of the knowledge we hold as truth is nothing but misinformation that many have come to accept as the proper way to do things. It is especially disturbing when that information comes from a respected authority such as the NSCA.

I just received the journal yesterday and read the article. Pretty amazing how someone can get an article published with misinformation.

I was one of the persons which explained it wrong. It just shows you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, magazines, etc…