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Romanian Deadlift: Tempo and Weight?

Am doing some lighter deadlift variations to supplement my once a week deadlifting in a different day to build muscle and strength to increase the deadlift.

For Romanian deadlifts (or like whatever the hip hinging variation is I’m doing):

What rep tempo should be used? Is going slow or super slow in parts of the movement beneficial?

Weight wise should one be trying to push up the percentage 1RM and go heavy or is a moderate weight more appropriate?

I do them exactly like you are. Nice and controlled on the way down, and explode back up with a big “squeeze” or whatever at the top.

In terms of weight, I’d say more moderate to light, rather than heavy. It’s always benefited me more to treat it as a hypertrophy movement rather than a strength movement.

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Play around with all types of variations.
Partial Range, only going 3/4 of the way without locking out to keep tension on the hamstrings.
Full Range, but going very slow on the eccentric and exploding on the concentric.
Standing on a box to get more of a stretch.
These are just some options, also substitute dumbells as another option.

I like pausing at the bottom - you will hardcore feel it in your hamstrings.

There is also a sweet spot on these with weight (for me anyway) - you can go a lot heavier than what you can “feel;” I think it’s easy to let my low back take over when I go real heavy and not get the hammie and glute work I want.