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Romanian Deadlift Form


My hamstrings are quite tight… What do you guys think?


there’s few things that arent good. first ditch the with higher heel, go barefoot or even put small weights under toes. second go overhand grip on both hands, not undergrip( i also see alot of ppl using mixed grip immediately, which makes no sense, go overhand until you can). third bar way far from body, try to have contact all the way. forth try moving ass backwards more to get more hamstring activation. try to engage lats more by moving the bar towards your body


On top of what the above post said. It’s hard to tell but it looks like you’re gripping the bar at the very ends. This will involve the upper back more but probably limit the weight you can use. Personally I’d move your hands in to just outside your legs but I suppose it depends whether you want to focus on hamstrings or put more emphasis on your upper back.
I’d also experiment with unlocking your knees a little bit more. For me it allows me to go a little further while still keeping tension in my hamstrings.

EDIT: I’m not sure if what you’re feeling is tightness particularly I think it’s just that you’re keeping tension on the hamstrings although as you get more flexible you’ll be able to go down further.


Throw some weight on the bar and try again. RDLs are one of the lifts where weight can help with form. You won’t be able to move the bar away from you and you will have to engage your lats to keep your back in the proper position.