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Romanian Deadlift as a Main Lift?

Hello guys I was just wondering would doing romanian deadlifts as a main lift be ok instead of deadlifting from the floor? I made a small home gym in my room and I live in a apartment building I workout early morning 4am before work so I’m trying to minimize noise .

If you have no other option, what else are you gonna do? It’ll have to be ok.

Why not? I don’t see an issue, but you could do DL if you controlled it on the way down, but I’ve seen alot of people alter their lift with success as long as the program is followed I don’t see an issue.

First, do what you need to do.

I’ve frequently heard the theory that RDLs are to be done with lighter weights with focus on the stretch on the eccentric. This seems to be the consensus among ‘fitness experts.’

However, Paul Carter has opined that the Hams/Glutes are fast-twitch muscles and respond better to heavier weight/ fewer reps.

I think the first approach is favored by many simply because making the mind-muscle connection with the hams-glutes is really difficult resulting in the lifter involving too much spinae erector… lifting with your back, not your legs.

I use RDLs regularly (when the gyms are open) immediately after Squats. I don’t know what my 1RM is (or if I would even bother to try to find out) but I know my working weights run roughly about 80% of what my conventional DLs would run.

None of this should be construed as advice, simply a smattering of observations I’ve made.

Ok thanks guys I will give it a try I just didn’t see too much information on rdls in the lower rep ranges I will test a conservative 5 rep set and use that as my tm will start bbb with an 80% tm as well . Is there anything that rdls dont work compared to the conventional deadlifts that way I will use accessories to make up for them.

From a muscle perspective, no, they work the same muscles.

From a movement perspective, yes, the RDL doesn’t work the deadlift.