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romanian dead lifts

I saw an article that said romanian deadlifts are better for your hamstrings than stiff-legged deadlifts. Does anyone know what a romainan deadlift is? In the pictures the hands are facing opposite directions but that’s the way for any deadlift, right?
Any other really good hamstring exercises? Thanks

arch your back and focus on sticking your butt back. do not focus on bencding at the waist (though you will) its all about sticking the butt back. the range of motion is much less with these. the bar should come down to about the knees.

A romanian deadlift is hard to perform correctly. Many think they are performing right, but are not. You need a coach there teaching you.

run a search for J.V. Askem’s website the cable/bar guy. He has some good illustrations and descriptions on proper RDL form posted on his website

Kelly, thanks for that website! Any others you would recommend would be much appreciated. Rob

What is the difference between romanian DLs and stiff legged DLs (or are they the same?)

i’m not too awful familiar with where to find the best exercise descriptions and such but infinity fitness has video demonstrations of a ton of good exercises. Most of them are exercises you see recommended in t-mag type routines. The only thing missing is video of the o-lifts.

Good Mornings! The #1 Hamstring developing exercise ever invented!

romanian deadlifts are almost the same. for the romanian deadlift, you keep the bar along your shins and upper thighs for the whole rep, as you would a regular deadlift. your knees will bend some and your butt will stick out. the stiff leg deadlift , you keep your knees at a constant angle short of lockout, and bend at the waist. the weight will start a foot or two in front of you and not touch your upper thighs until the top of the rep.

Romanian Deadlift = Set up like you’re doing barbell squats. Stand shoulder width apart or slightly narrower. Keep your knees bent slightly at all times. Lower your upper torso while pushing your ass out. Come down to slightly above parallel with the floor, you’ll know where that is. Your knee flexion should remain constant throughout the movement. This is also called a Russian Deadlift. Stiff-legged Deadlift = Similar to a Bent-knee Deadlift. Only difference is you keep knee flexion as per Romanian Deadlifts. This movement works just as well as the Romanians but it does NOT have as much ROM and that is why Romanians are better suited for most people.

Let’s not forget about glute-ham raises and reverse hypers, people.

Read TC’s article - 8 Best Hamstring Movements. Some good ones are: Glute-Ham Raises, Russian Deadlifts, Step-Ups, Deadlifts, Frankenstein Curls, Low-Cable Curls, Low-Cable Rope Pull Throughs, Lunges, Box Squats, Reverse Hypers. That should keep you busy.

The 3 head strength coaches I’ve known at 3 different Universities have all demonstrated a romanian deadlift as a straight-leg deadlift. That is, pulling the bar from the ground by means of hands clasped on the bar, but with the knees held in fixed amount of flexion just shy of lockout. Now, I know I’ve seen some pictures of Ian King demonstrating a RDL with the bar on your shoulders and also one other poster mentioned the same idea. I.e. Setting up like a barbell squat – meaning the bar is behind your head on your shoulders – like a good morning. I think the terminology has been bastardized somewhere.