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Roman Polanski


I personally think the yanks should take his ass back to California and put him in a cell with a sex starved deviant. After all he did bone a 13 year old.

Can't believe all these actor types are coming out to back him up. Pretty much condoning child abuse in my eyes.

If you got caught doing that in Glasgow you would be tarred and feathered quicker than the nose slashing scene in Chinatown(which is an awesome movie btw)


I heard he wears slim jeans.


I LOL'd all over myself.


I just read the news report about him and was wondering what people here's take was. Is it so long ago that it should be forgotten or should he serve time?


LOLvis. To be fair they would probably serve him well in the slammer as it would provide a nice buffer between his asshole and his cellmates cock


He drugged and raped a thirteen year-old girl.


Not that it's anything more than coincidence,one of the Manson family killers of his pregnant wife(Sharon Tate) died a few days before he was detained.

Anyways,I wonder if statue of limitations will affect this,but he did flee. He should finally face the music.
Also,the "girl"..who is now 40-something..has voiced that she wants them to drop the charge. She also settled out of court with Polanski. How this plays out will be interesting.


Never knew he drugged her FFS. What a deviant!


I feel sorry for Roman that Sharon Tate his beautiful young pregnant wife 8 1/2 months pregnant was murdered by the Charlie Manson gang. Of course he went half insane. Of course he was using drugs and alcohol to excess. But that in no way excuses the fact that he took a 13 year old, a child, to Jack Nicholson's house, gave her a half quaalude (a hypnotic sleep drug) and then took nude photographs of her and had sex with her. It is his time to pay for his crime.


I think he may also have stuck it in her pooper.

I know you kids like that shit.


maybe i am just jaded as fuck but i don't think the guy should face any chargers.


Come on, maybe just Merriman?


He should do time just like any regular scmuck who did what he did.


Way to drop the ball and not provide a link OP, STEP UP YOUR GAME!


See?!! That's what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps!!!


This is a big topic here in Switzerland, because he was arrested here. Many people are saying they should just let him go. Personally, I think that's bullshit. He raped a thirteen year old, which is not excusable in any way. Also, the state (canton) responsible for his arrest, Zürich, passed a law a year or two ago, saying that there is no statute of limitations concerning child pornography and sexual abuse of children, so it doesn't matter if the crime took place 30 days or 30 years ago. He should serve his sentence.

If anybody wants to argue the age and time thing, if he hadn't run from justice for thirty years, he wouldn't be in the situation of facing a long sentence at 76 years of age. Since he chose to flee, he should be punished now that he has been arrested, regardless of when the crime took place and how old he is now.


What kind of world is this where you can't drug and rape a thirteen year-old?


There is no statue of limitations on this one. He has already been tried and convicted. He fled while waiting on Sentencing. Anjelica Huston was in the house when it happed. She stated that the girl did not look like she was 13. Should could have been 25 she was that type of girl. What the hell does that mean?


We are not France. This might be a rumor, but I believe that France's age of conscentment is like 12-14.

I hope his cell mate sticks it in his pooper.


Self-righteous pricks.