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Roman Chair vs. 45 Deg. Back Ext.

I went to the store today to buy a 45 degree back extension bench. When I got there, they had a real nice roman chair bench used for $80. I know I can do abs and back extensions on the roman chair. What’s the difference between a 45 deg back extension and a roman chair back extension?

The difference is roman chairs suck and 45 degree back extensions kick ass.

In my experience the back extension is more comfortable, easier to get into, and you can put a barbell on your back “try that with a roman chair and it will break your neck”

They are just better…

Get a glute ham raise so you can do GHRs, hyperextensions, even reverse hypers.

I’m either getting a 90 roman chair or a 45 back extension bench. Not in a position to get a GHR right now.

I use the 45 deg back extension with weights at my gym all the time and love it. I’m going to do more training at home now though. Everything I have read says the 45 deg is beginner to intermediate and the 90 deg is intermediate to advanced. It’s been years since I’ve used one though.

I do like the fact that you can do abs on the 90 deg bench. I don’t see how I wouldn’t be able to use a barbell behind my head on it while doing back extensions.

It would fall off…

You would be more or less upside down on the 90 degree and that means the barbell would fall off your back.

I got ya… thanks!