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Roman Chair extensions..

You guys rate these? Weighted or not, these really nail my lower back good.

EMG and my own experience show the contrary…great for glutes and hams pre-contest though.

Use deadlifts and good am’s for low back strength.


They really helped my lower back strength. Before I started doing the Roman Chair Extensions with a 35# plate I was having trouble spraining my back when doing squats. And it didn’t appear to be a form problem, because it was happening to me when I would do squats in one of those sled operations. It is true that it hits the glutes and hams, but it does wonders for lower back strength too.

More of a dynamic flexibility exercise than anything else. If you feel it in your lower back, that may suggest an imbalance.

They are excellent when performed with one leg at a time in a Preparatory program to even out strength imbalances between hip extensors on each leg.

No doubt they nail my glutes and hams too. Im very tall and I shift myself as far forward as possible specifically because I want to work on lower back strength. Yes, deadlifts too.

Nice to see Don posting on the t-forum!

I think with deadlifts or stiff leg deadlifts there’s not much reason for hyperextensions, but I agree it’s good for a glute sqeeze. Does that make me gay? j/k

Davo2: That depends on whose glutes you’re squeezing! lol