Romaleos vs Do-Win

Hi friends,

I am making this decision today and I need your help.

I am ordering some olympic lifting shoes for squatting(I have long legs and poor ankle flexibility), which I plan to use only for squatting. My goals are strength.

I have a choice between the Do-Wins and Romaleos. Obviously the Do-wins are cheaper, and the only colour available to me at the moment in the Romaleos are the volt yellow which is a bit bright for me. However if the Romaleos are a significant better shoe I am willing to specs the extra cash on the them and just put up with the colour.

Is there any significant difference between the two shoes?


get the adidas power perfect 2’s…

Get the Romaleos. Weightlifting shoes are a one time purchase. Do it right the first time.

My mates power perfect 2’s are falling to bits. He has probably put down about 700 hrs in the past 2yrs. He only wears them in the gym.

My Romaleos are 5yrs old (pre production sample from 2007) and have at least 2000hrs of training. Absolutely rock solid.


Do-wins aren’t worth the materials they’re made out of just get the nikes.