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ROM on Arch Back Good Mornings?


These are wide stance as wide as i was able to go anyway. But i watched a video of tate tate teaching arched back goodmornings and he was saying just go as far until you feel like your arch falls out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CvR3i8XHWs there is the video of dave tate speaking.

i did these today and i dont know if i was doing them right. Form check? and anyone elses experinces would be appreciated. Thanks


I'm intetested too in answers. I never feel like I'm doing these right because my depth isn't very low


I'm intetested too in answers. I never feel like I'm doing these right because my depth isn't very low


I'm intetested too in answers. I never feel like I'm doing these right because my depth isn't very low

Edit why does it keep doing this when I hit back button...


here is my lift.. i dont know why it didnt upload. Form check on that lol


Whatever gets you stronger. There's no trophy for fucking your back up.


well generally the idea is to get the form correct so you dont injur your back. Generally anyway


Yeah, GM isn't a competition lift. Just drive your hips back and do what you can.


If you are doing arched back good mornings, your ROM is going to be much less than other variaitons. You do'nt want your arch to collapse at any point during the lift. That being said, your form is solid in your video.


This is not very good advice. What if his weakness is keeping his arch in his squat? Doing these with a rounded back, especially if he is trying to hold an arch, would not help his squat... not even a little bit. On the other hand, rounded back GM's are one of the best conventional deadlift development exercises I've ever seen. A strong back will make you a strong person but there is a huge difference between static isometric strength, (being able to hold an arch) and absolute strength.


Ahh I figured he was getting bent out of shape about "back has to be parallel with the ground just like a squat!". Your comment has way more information.


How did this get to be about arched back vs round back good mornings?


my range of motion on the bar is about 12 inches. i arch hard and push back until i lose my arch. it my be limited to 12 becuase my hamstrings are tight and dont allow more rom though


Because you don't want to round your back at all if you are attempting to do an arched back good morning. Which is exactly what the other comments were eluding too. They are two completely different exercises with develop two completely different skills.


They're an accessory exercise and I think if you're starting out or unsure on your form you should probably be dropping the weight.

From what I've heard you should generally be able to do 10-12 GM of about 30-40% of your deadlift max. For me this is about right.

The best advice I've heard on the GM is tight back, unrack the weight, feet should width, slight bend @ knee then slowly hinge at your hips until your as close to parallel as you can get and then explode up using hamstrings and glutes. Doing this I get way way closer to parallel than what is shown in either of these videos. I think if you're knew to GMs then this is how I'd do it.

Personally I still have sort hamstrings 2 days later doing this. My DL is about 550lbs 1RM. I do 5x12 of these GMs @ 150lbs and have some in the tank.

Drop the weight until you can keep your arch and get close to parallel for 10-12 reps.

Especially when you're knew to something, repetition is the best way to perfect it and get strength. Once you've got a groove then I think you can start going for 1-5RM type stuff.

T-Nation has some videos where they Thibs goes through his version of GMs. I think they're closer to what I would want to be doing with GMs.


thank you so much storm. The exact answer i needed


You probably sat back a little too much, but it was good. An arched back good morning is just a partial wide stance good morning, which keeps the emphasis on the erectors. The key is to keep the arch tight to support the weight, b/c your going to be using more weight on arched back good mornings than you would with regular good mornings. And though they say arch your lower back, the arch actually comes from the thoracic spine. Also on the concentric movement, when you "snap" your hips, make sure to really arch the back hard.