Recently, Ive been evaluating my lifting form and taking a step back in weight to get full ROM and establish good tempo and control. This is mainly in the squat and DL.

In the squat, I can barely even get to parallel without putting the weight way onto my toes. In DL I have to lean forward a bit to get to the bar once Im down as far as I can sit.

Is this a flexibility issue? Or is it that some people are just put together differently? Im a short guy(5’7"), still have a small gut, and when I squat down my knees and feet naturally flare out at 45 degree angles. Is more stretching the answer or do I just deal with what I got?


Id say on the squats start working on a low box. drop the ego and weight and concentrate on firing through the heels. that or bottom pauses go down and HOLD for approx a three-4 count then fire this will take away the strech reflex and build that bottom end strength.

DL thats tough from your explaination. Really sounds like you may be worried/trying to start with the hips to low IMO. Once again I say work on the bottom. Set the weight down each rep and Pause reste and pull no bouncing. Try pulling from a deficite as well, a 4 inch box etc. On all these concentrate on firing through the heel. even everyday life get out of chairs etc. dont lean forward and go on the toes Pratice firing through the heels it will become automatic.

Maybe stretching of the calves as well.

Hope that helps,