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Rollins' Big Brother


henry "reported" for reading "jihad" !



AMERICAN hard rocker Henry Rollins says a fellow passenger on his flight out of Auckland reported him to Australian anti-terrorism authorities for reading a scholarly work on the rise of militant Islam.

Rollins, who flew to Melbourne soon after performing at Auckland's Big Day Out on January 20, described the experience in a blog he runs on his website.
Rollins wrote that he received a letter from an Australian government worker informing him that the passenger sitting next to him during the flight reported him to a national security hotline.

The book, Jihad: The Rise of Militant Islam in Central Asia, by Ahmed Rashid, was published by Yale University Press.

The official told him that though her department did good work, it also received a lot of letters "submitted by lunatics".

Rollins replied: "Baghdad's safer than my hometown and your PM is a sissy."

What a joke. I read those kinds of books too.


Fucking Brilliant!


Combine papanoia, a lack of common sense and a toll free hotline where people will listen to you, and you'll get this situation ten times a day.


ALway been a fan of Rollins. I used to listen to his spoken word tapes for hours while lifting (back when I'd lift for hours instead of just 1 hour).


Yeah, I actually like his spoken word stuff a little bit more than his music.


Now I'm definitely going to pick up a copy of that book...


From Hank's Blog:


#30. 01-30-06 Melbourne Australia: 2139 hrs. I just got a letter from a nice woman who told me the man I sat next to on the flight from Auckland to Goldcoast Australia reported me to the Australian Government because of the book I was reading.

?I hope this finds you before you leave Australia as I think its something that won?t surprise you but might give you a smile when you are sitting in a hotel room. I work in one of those Government areas that deals with anti terrorism matters. A fine service is provided but unfortunately we get to read a lot of things submitted by lunatics. The Australian Government set up the National Security Hotline to report terrorists.

The person who sat next to you on the flight from New Zealand does not agree with your politics or choice of reading and so nominated you as a possible threat. As they were too cowardly or stupid to leave their details I can?t call them to discuss their idiocy with them.?

Interesting that he and I exchanged nothing but polite hellos. I was reading Ahmed Rashid?s book Jihad: The Rise Of Militant Islam In Central Asia. He?s a correspondent for the Wall Street Journal and the book is on the Yale University Press. Didn?t Bush drink beer at Yale? Didn?t he not seem to learn much at Yale?
Of course I wrote the nice lady back.

?I was reading a book called Jihad by Ahmed Rashid which is a history of Central Asia. I didn't speak to the man next to me past how do you do. I think Ahmed Rashid is published by Yale University Press. Bush's alma mater. Please tell your government and everyone in your office to go fuck themselves. Tell them twice. If your boss is looking for something to do, you can tell him I suggest he go fuck himself. Baghdad's safer than my hometown and your PM is a sissy. You have a nice night.?

I really don?t take kindly to that kind of shit. I like it though. Love it. Confrontation. Tension. Adversarial relationships. More please. It?s the only time it gets real.


hey lifticvs how do you access the blog ?
there doesn't seem to be a link off the main site ?

btw here's a 3 part interview w/ henry on the roth show, just after that happened :



Unfortuantely there is no direct link. Just google, "henry rollins dispatches".