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Rolling Thunder One-Hand Deadlift

Does anyone here every work on the Rolling Thunder One-Hand Deadlift? I just got my set-up from Ironmind in today and went to the gym to give it a try. I was able to get 190 lbs.

Bob Youngs has at elitefts. Check his training log there to see his poundages.

I’ll use them occasionally for one arm deads, but usually do weighted chins (with two rolling thunders) or seated cable rows.

That’s pretty damned good for a first try. I’ve had friends get 205 and 215 on it. Mine is a paltry 185.

Shaf, 185 is pretty good. BUT, it also depends on how you do it. You can cheat by keeping you palm under the handle. Wen we do it, your palm has to be on top, and you have to hold it in the fully extended position for 6-8 seconds for it to “count”.


I’ve tried the various “cheating” methods for the RT. It doesn’t seem to make a difference for me. Of if it does, the difference isn’t very large. If I recall correctly, I have tried both thumbless and thumbed grips with the same effect.

The one method where they wedge their hands into the corner of the bar just plain hurts. I couldn’t get that one to work.