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Rolling Pin for Myofascial Release?


I got a massage yesterday and the masseuse was pointing out that I had really tight legs. I told her I foam roll, and she said that's usually her suggestion...but that she also has suggested using a rolling pin at times in the past, since you can control the pressure you administer with it....anyone done this?


No but I had the exact same idea. I figure it would be GREAT for doing your own quads, but could also be used in a regular foam roller fashion as a harder implement for calves etc.

I also figured it could be great for forearms, you could hold one end with your hand (on the arm you aren't rolling) and support the other end on a power rack or whatever, and use it to roll out your forearms.

What other ways were you considering using it? (awaits "shove it up your pooper" comment)


Not a rolling pin but I have done a 8" Diameter piece of pvc instead of a foam roller. WOW!


I was thinking pecs too, IT Bands, Quads, shins, traps. I may have to have someone do the traps for me though.


Well, I guess this is as good a time as any to make my first post. I have had great success using a rolling pin on my quads, calves, tensor facia lata, and IT band. I have also had my husband roll my hamstrings and glutes. Yes, its very easy to control the amount of pressure and easier than a foam roller to hit the exact location you want. You would definitely need some assistance for most upper body, though.


LaCrosse balls work really well too.



I have used a tennis ball for tight IT bands and even tried a golf ball once..... that hurts but does the trick