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Rolling a Fatty After Workout?


Eating properly is my greatest flaw preventing me from growing to the size i want to be, simply because i somehow cant enjoy food and i eat just to get rid of the hunger.

There was a time when i said fuck it and ate like a horse, and to my big surprise i had more progress in those 2 months than i have had in 2 years earlier! But damn was this period painfull..

So im thinking, considering that weed gives me insane munchies, wouldnt this be a great idea to solve my nutrition problem?

Anyone tried this? If lung capacity is a problem from the smoke i could just extract the shit to butter and eat that.


Hey if you wana smoke cause you think it will make you eat more then go for it. Just make sure that the food that your eating is healthy cause usually when you get the munchies the only thing you want is shitty food. Other bodybuilders use to smoke. Take Arnold for example he did it cause it helped him relax.


Why not just use Periactin or Marinol?

Marinol is medicinal THC but taking it wouldn't include inhaling tar and smoke!


Smoke up.


I heard nasty shit about that, not sure whether i should believe it or not, either way its near impossible for me to obtain thc pills.

If smoking is so nasty i could just extract the stuff with alcohol or make cannabutter haha

I think this is an excellent idea though, im just asking cause there might be something i dont know about cannabis that affects gains




Remember: "Sharing is caring, but if the fucking scavenger tries to jack your stash you punch the mo'fucka in his mouf"


Get a vape.



Brick- On Marinol, I know a few guys who've taken it, and said it makes them hungry as fuck but not high, so that could certainly be better than twisting one up after some heavy deads...


toke up my man


Thanks for reminding me, I printed that out forever ago and forgot to read it. Ironic.

From the introduction: "Many of these effects, however, are transient as tolerance likely develops, and the long-term impact of marijuana smoking on the endocrine systems in humans remains unclear."

From the conclusion: "Long-term effects on the various endocrine systems have not been clearly demonstrated, and clinical consequences, if present, are likely to be subtle.?"

Do you know of any research that addresses long-term endocrine effects?

OP, it's not going to kill you to toke up every now and then, it's no worse than drinking. Moderation is key.


Hey, I used to be an avid smoker and I loved taking bong rips after a heavy squat day. It made my appetite huge too.

But if you keep smoking long enough, your appetite is ruined. I came to a point where I could not eat breakfast without getting high, and I refused to get high before school.

Now I don't ever smoke and my appetite is greater than it has ever been. Eating breakfast is absolutely fucking crucial.

Smoking will increase your appetite in the short term, but it will completely destroy it in the long term. Your body signals hunger with endocannabinoids and if you are always administering cannabinoids exogenously, the body will decrease its own production.


Do you have any scientific evidence for this?

Cannabinoids are not the only thing that can cause hunger...


This was debated on here awhile back, I think the anecdotal evidence is the multitude of skinny stoners, but I doubt there's been any actual research.


I just checked pubmed, didn't see any actual long term case studies, but some interesting info nonetheless...


It also doesn't involve forming relationships with drug dealers.


They aren't the only factor, but endocannabinoids do play a part.



"Rolling a Fatty" IS a workout.

Especially if you're pushing her up a hill.


I started out as a skinny stoner, and now I'm not skinny or fat. This progression happened while using mj frequently, as in 5- 10 times a day. As someone else said, it will make you very hungry, but for unhealthy food generally. It also causes one to eat too much at once so watch out for insulin spikes at the wrong times.

It will not affect your appetite long term. If you quit for a while your appetite will be low for a few days but will level out to normal in no time.