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Rollercoaster Metabolism Need Help


Hi, I just found your website from Google, from what I've seen its a great site and very helpful.
But I have a huge problem gaining weight,
I'm 6'5 and about 126LB,

I'm in college most of the time so I can't take huge meals all day but I eat a good amount when I get home and take different protein shakes twice a day.
I eat a couple of peanut butter sand wedges every night, before bed loads of pasta and allot of lean meat but mostly chicken. I work out but only around 2 hours every other day.

I read an article about G-flux which was very helpful and looked at other people who have high metabolisms and lift weights every once in a while and think they cant gain.

Just wondering if you have any suggestions for me or think I might be doing anything wrong,
All help appreciated


have you checked that you may suffer from a thyroid condition?

Like a lot of others have done in other threads i'd advise you to check out vrooms beginners thread and read up on the nutrition areas of the site. At 6'5 its going to take considerable weight gain to fill you out - good luck with it.


Can you tell me where you get these from, I have never heard of them but I am willing to try anything to improve my golf game out of the bunkers.




how many times are you eating a day?


You don't always have to have huge meals. Between college and work, I don't have a chance to eat a "hot" meal a few times a day.

Try some of these. They're easy to fix and you can tote them around in your backpack to scarf down between classes. They may not fit a "perfect" bb diet in some people's opinions, but they work when you're in a pinch and they haven't ruined me yet.

1/2 cup cashews
2 oz. beef jerky
580 kcal - 38g f / 34g p / 30g c

1 can tuna
10 ritz crackers
240 kcal - 9g f / 20g p / 20g c

turkey spam single
1/2 cup shelled sunflower seeds
550 kcal - 44g f / 29g p / 13g c

4 uniced oatmeal cookies
1 banana
2 oz. beef jerky
401 kcal - 7g f / 21g p / 63g c


Dude you are not eating anywhere near enough. At quick calculation you are eating about 1800 calories right? When 3000 is probably maintenence for you. Therefore, to make good gains you would probably have to double, the calories your taking in now, minus a couple of hundred.