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Roller Derby


So I got to be an official for a women's roller derby match this weekend, and thought it was epic. So now I'm working to get involved going to practices and such, and gonna see about joining the men's team. But I have two questions:
1) Does anyone here also do roller derby?
2) Ladies, does this seem impressive or kind of gay? Because I'm inclined to think its cool, but I can't imagine sitting around with some guy friends and them telling me about how badass skating is...


I reffed for the local team until I wrecked my bike, and I thought it was a lot of fun. Especially if you like girls with attitude and ink. My current girlfriend is a derby girl, and she's pretty cool.

I didn't know there was such a thing as a men's team. I could see reffing for the girls being cool, but actually being a derby boy? Seems wierd. Do the boys wear fishnets and heavy eyeliner?


agreed. i got to touch the hoo-ha of a derby girl, and think it's badass.

a dude being a roller-boy? i agree with horse (fml) and think it would be kinda weird


There's a lesbian at my old gym who's dating a roller derby chick. They're both hot as fuck.

Chicks doing roller derby is hot as shit.

Dudes doing roller derby is a little fruity.

Seriously, think about it. You'd be on roller skates.


The term roller-boy or derby-boy, sounds weird. Being a ref for a bunch of roller derby chics, EPIC!!! Went home for Mardi Gras last year and found out my home town brought back roller derby and have a couple of teams, some of the girls were in the parades...HOTTNESS...didn't see any guy teams though. But I'm googling that right now to see what I can come up with.


What was the name of that old Roller Derby show? I believe it was co-ed teams and I remember at least one person an episode usually got their brains scrambled.


I'm not sure yet, but I think they play coed teams and girls teams as well as guy's teams. Either way, I figure that I get to hang out with a bunch of derby people, particularly derby chicks, who all seemed pretty cool in the time I spent with them. Aside from that, seems like a fun/interesting way to stay active and work on balance, footwork, fluid motion and agility stuff aside from just doing a shit ton of running, which I always feel awkward doing. I tend to feel like really burly and slow which I can't stand, I could see it possibly helping with that.

I'm not necessarily worried about people thinking I'm gay, if they can't figure out I'm not then they're dumb or haven't spent enough time with me, but I AM looking for objective opinions on how it seems, particularly to you guys, but also the girls. So thank you guys, and keep goin.


I've been around derby for almost 3 years. Most of the refs/officials are guys. Great way to meet women. At no point have any of my guy friends thought it was ghey to be around derby or wear roller skates.


In Roller Derby, is the winning team pre-determined like pro wrestling or is it real competition? The reason I ask is because the costumes are like pro wrestling costumes, the deliberately sexy pro wrestling costumes that is, which makes me not take it seriously as a competition. I wonder if this is the reason why men think it is fruity to do it.



Reminds me of a joke...
What's the hardest thing about rollerblading?

Telling your parents you're gay


the flat track skating is real competition. the old banked track was like pro wrestling. I've heard the new banked track is real comp but I'm not sure. they have men's teams in the banked track derby. the local team http://www.myspace.com/lowcountryhighrollers



My sister Amber was thinking of going out for derby. I told her to call herself "Amber Lamps."




If the outfits weren't sexy, would the girls want to participate and would the men want to watch?


As a Brit, may I be the first to ask, What the fuck is roller derby?


Roller derby. Basics: Two teams with 5 players on the track each. 1 jammer, 4 blockers for each. The blockers must skate around the track as a group, they can't spread out past a certain point. The jammers from each team must pass through the blockers (called the pack) once before they can start scoring. First jammer through is called the lead jammer. Still with me?
Once a jammer has passed through the pack, their goal is to then lap the other team as many times as possible. Each player from the opposite team they pass after passing through the first time is one point, including the other jammer. (Therefore: say the lead jammer passes laps the other team, its 5 points, 1 for each blocker and 1 for the jammer)
The strategy comes from being the lead jammer. Lead jammer can call off the "jam" by signaling to the ref. So the lead jammer will either make it through the pack and call off the jam before the other jammer can pass anyone and score, OR if they think they can make it, they'll go around again and score more points.
Blockers try to block the other teams jammer while getting their own through. Only points of contact allowed are shoulders and hips. No punches or kicking is supposed to happen.
Think that all made sense


Hahahahaha. Awesome.


Ok I think I understand. So do you get big crowds at that?