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Rolled Ankle, Linked to Anything?

Hey guys,

I just did a 10minute run and towards the end of the run as I was tired I managed to roll my ankle. The ankle l rolled is on my right leg which I have an issue with strength stability due to I think a hip issue and quad/abductor dominance.

Could this rolling be of any clue as to what is wrong with my leg? I was running on a treadmill so there was no uneveness for me to just trip, my big toe just simply could not take the load and so my little toes tried :(.

Thanks, this is kind of a follow up post to my previous.

Unsure if this is the answer you were looking for as you seem to already know whats weak etc and wrote it yourself. Looks like trolling looking back, but just in case its not read on.

If you’re tired after a 10 min run, reality check.

If this is happening when running on a treadmill, don’t run on treadmills.

You’ve said it yourself. Poor stability, weakness in abductors. Look to strengthen them.

Probably looking at poor quad:hamstring ratio, weak glutes and weak tibialis anterior . Look to strengthen.

I’m not trolling I’m just really worried and bad at explaining :frowning: