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I posted already about my elbow tendonitisand started the eccentric training. I did about 5 or six sessions of ART. I am getting better. Its a real slow process. I was wondering if rolfing would speed it up. Has anyone ever Rolfed? How was it compared to ART?

Whenever I rolf I feel like shit. All I need to do is drink less beer and then I dont have that problem.

If your ART guy hasnt cured it in 5 sessions then you need to either do something else, or find another guy. Accupuncture can help too. Accupuncture, then ART immediately after has been the best ever for me.

Rolfing is good. Just make sure you wear a condom. hehehe!

Rolfing is fantastic, there whole body approach will help you out a great deal. Its meant not to only treat what hurts but what other parts of your body might be contributing. If you can find a Rolfer who also does the Rossiter method go see them.


How many sessions does it usually take to notice results?

This may sound kind of stupid… but have you tried stopping training for awhile and then going on an eccentric exercise program? Best medicine in the world won’t work when you’re continuing to aggravate the problem.

Yea I stopped for about a year. Just started to worl up very lightly and added some eccentric exercises.

WTF is rolfing?

I’ve had a full 8 week full body rolfing done, ouch!!!

This was afew years ago, sure helped fix a lot of posture problems, but then I stayed with the bad habits and they came back :frowning:

but at least my muscle tissues have been nicely stretched out :slight_smile:

Usually, it takes a few sessions, as there is a direct procedure they follow. Although somtimes the Rolfer will look at your posture and begin to work on things they see right away.