Rolfing to Fix Leg Problems?

[quote]LevelHeaded wrote:
ROLFing is painful but can help with specific conditions. What is your condition?[/quote]

I don’t know. My legs feel completely out of whack. This is what I wrote elsewhere:

I’ve been seeing a PT for the past year and a half to help my legs/knees feel better. She thinks everything is basically fine. My knees don’t ache as often, but I think that might be diet related more than anything we’ve done. I’m mostly doing swings, tgu’s, pistols. But nothing feels right. My legs don’t feel comfortable, strong, or normal.

She says I’m more “put together” than before, and that I was kind of a mess before, which may all be true. She thinks I basically just need to keep doing what I’m doing, but I am not sure. But my legs don’t feel any more normal than they have in the past 7 years, and they constantly feel awkward. We may have fixed some problems, but it feels like the underlying problem is still there, and hasn’t been improved in the least. It feels like my knee is permanently bent inward, and the ITB seems really tight, but she doesn’t think it is very tight. The muscles of the quad don’t work right, and look a little misshapen compared to what I remember them looking like. They’re still just as creaky as they were before. It feels like my upper leg is twisted with respect to the lower leg, or visa versa, like something is seriously out of alignment, but she, and other people who have looked at it think the alignment is normal.

Also, probably most of my posts on this board relate to this problem, so if you care to search, it’s described there as well.

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