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Role of the Brain/Nervous System in Lifting?

I Had an Off Day and I’m Curious

I’m 16 yrs old, on 5/3/1. I deadlifted 310 lbs for 5 today. This doesn’t add up because my last pr two weeks ago was 300x9 lbs. I still got the prescribed reps so I can do better next week. I’m curious. Was this because I didn’t deadlift last week. Can someone explain the link of the brain,nervous system or whatever involved with lifting?

It sounds like you had an off day.



This is why you use a TM. To allow for shitty days.

Your over thinking it.



What did you do last week?

Good days, bad days, recovered enough, didn’t recover enough, laser focused, a little scatter brained… soooo many variables I never understand why anyone obsessed about such a minor discrepancy in their lifts from week to week. I know I’m no PLer, but to me, intensity is all that matters and some weeks will just be stronger than others.



Tbh I think I made this post cause it would make me feel better about now getting a pr.
Talking about failure helps me move past it otherwise it’s kinda tormenting for the rest of the day.

Only after much whinging and panic does this wisdom come to us.


Yeah. I get that.
I also think of like this: you give a dam about your progress. It is important to you that you preform. Which is great. But judge your performance not by day to day, or week to week results. But by month to month progress.

Edit: I did just recently get burnt by coach Jim Wendler for whinging about this very thing. So do as I say. Not as I do…


Even if one has mostly great workouts, strength will vary from workout to workout. All that matters is you get better over time.

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If you’re not competing in high level powerlifting, it shouldn’t.

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Agreed. I think having passion for your hobbies is good and healthy, but can of course cross into the too much category. I’ve ruined many a fine day of climbing by getting hung up (puns!) on a lack of execution and cramping my style for the rest of the day.

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