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Role of Glutes/Hamstrings in Hip Extension


I've recently been hearing a lot about how many ppl have glute activation/hip mobility problems and realize that I def. have this too.

i've been doing some exercises to counteract this and it's been going very well but no matter what i do on bridges and a couple other hip extension exercises my hamstrings seem to be firing along with my glutes.

Is this a bad thing? Would squeezing my glutes hard shift more of the load to them? Any comments about this topic will be very appreciated


In my experience, your hamstrings will usually fire with your glutes. It's only a problem if your glutes don't fire with your hams, or if they don't fire very much.




They are both active hip extensors. In the squat the glutes are at their most active at parallel and below and there seems to be some evidence that they are more active in wider stance squats.

As an athletic trainer, when I've seen issues with the glutes, the hip flexors (iliopsoas) are very tight.