Role of Fly Movements with Mountain Dog

I know im late to the party brushing up on JM training but I am a bit confused on the role of Fly movements in the workout. The Chest Obliteration article mentions them only in that occasionlly he likes to start the workout with them, but nothing else and I see them nowhere in the sample workout plans.

Does this mean forego them and just open every fourth or so workout with them or am I missing something? Already have a torn pec, and a few strains in my history, not to mention sports related SC fracture and AC speration so this change of pace should be a godsend for me.

Thanks in advance folks!

the way I’ve interpreted it is that I’ll start my workout with 4 sets of pec deck, with the final set being a dropset if I’m feeling masochistic. Then when I move on to presses my chest is warmed up and pumped and the weight used is less from the fatigue so there’s less strain on the joints.

that is the main thing I took from JM about chest training, and I love it.