Role of CFO to Board Post Enron

Anyone on here a CEO, CFO, or up there in your company or know a lot about this? If so I was wondering what your thoughts are on the Role & Functions of Chief Financial Officer and Relationships to Audit Committee and Other Board Committees (topic of paper I’m doing). Basically how has this role changed post Enron?

For example from what I’ve learned the CEO and CFO no longer attend board meetings together…

If anyone has any personal reflections on this topic and how it has affected their position then I would love to include it in my paper as a personal account (with credits of course).



A CFO has to follow GAAP according to what country they are in.

I am not sure if Canada and the USA are the same. My dad was a CFO and he started at an accounting firm as a CPA when he was a kid. So maybe just go to school library and research some new GAAP & SAP books.