Role of 2/3 RM's for Strength (Building vs Demonstrating)?

Hello Coach,

I just read your 1-6 Loading article and really liked it. It opened my eyes to the difference between building strength and demonstrating strength. I was wondering, for someone who’s not a powerlifter/ weightlifter and wants to be strong and athletic, how valuable are 2/3 RM’s? Would someone do better with a more 5x5/ Cluster/ 1-6 Wave approach without the risk of burning CNS?

As an ex college football player, I’ve always been stuck with the 2/3 rep max approach due to my previous training methods (WS4SB, Texas Method) and feel like the weights get stuck and it’s hard to improve the RM’s without grinding or burning myself out. I’m also 1B btw.

Thanks a lot!