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Role Models

Im a College kines and business major findingmy place in the world. I am looking for admirable, charismatic, and competent leaders to use as role models… So who do you admire and why guys? Thoughts so far have resulted in : JFK , Benjamin Franklin , Julius Caesar , Anthony Robbins , and Colin Powell.

I could list a bunch of them, mostly people I know and admire, some I counsel with on occasion. You wouldn’t know any of them. Be careful of your role models in that you admire what they REALLY are, and not what you THINK they are.

Definitely Benjamin Franklin. I hope you have been able to see his biography on PBS. Best of Luck.

Agree with brider’s point. I have artists I admire for various reasons. I admire Ko. I admire my mother and father. But these people I know and have been close to.

Older: do you ever watch CBS Sunday Morning? It's on (in Portland, Or) at 6AM till 7:30AM. Great show. This past Sunday they had a story on this 86-year old Professor/Scholar, he's read just about EVERYTHING Benjamin Franklin has written. He practically knows Franklin. Wild. GREAT story, too.

Better yet, read his autobiography.

Bruce Lee.

Absorb everything, discard what is useless.

(something like that at least!) Find the quote from him in the quote post, that’s a good one, it’s in the first few posts by people.

Robert E. Lee: warrior,gentleman,honorable,high moral principles,took defeat like a man and never made excuses. I believe General Lee could have been one of Arther’s Knights of the round table,had he lived in that time.

Amra I do not mean to be a prick but why would you have role models that could not achieve what was required. Robert E. Lee could not defeat the North and could not save the South. King Arthur could not defeat the Saxons and could not save the Britions. King Arthur could not even stop his wife from fucking Lancealot.

People I admire? My mom, my Dad, and my Wife…I am also a pretty fond of Jesus Christ, however if your looking for an awsome subject to read about I would recommend Porter Rockwell…Never heard of him? Well here is a brief on him…Regardless of how you feel about members of the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints, (the Mormons) You have to admit they went through some really bad ordeals early on, by being persecuted, murdered, and kicked out of several States until they settled in Utah. Porter Rockwell was an early Mormon, and he fought those who persecuted and killed the Mormons…He ended up having more gun battles then Wyatt Eurp, Bat masterson, and Wild Bill Hickock combined! They called him the Detroying Angel, and the “Man of God, son of thunder!” He was a true T-man through and through The best books on him are written by Richard LLoyd Dewey…Anyway thats my idea for you…Power

The Duke!

That Mormon bro sounds like a real man. The feds used to be hard-asses toward s the mormons and you have to respect the small guy who stands up. But here is what i like about a few of these guys:
JFK: JFK spells out leader. From the cuban missle crisis to being a big pimp in the white house to inspiring america to take action…
Anthony Robbins: also a charismatic inspiration, his people skills and NLP make his products hot commodities
Colin Powell - This guy is horrible! No really! A guy that has performed mediocre throughout his career but people still love and promote him for it.

I see a problem in asking other people for role model ideas. You need to educate yourself and discover them, not have the name fed to you, after which you find out what the person is all about. Who inspires you? Who can you relate to? My role model is not your role model, because there is no gaurantee that we both hold the same social, moral and personal standards. But, if you really need an idea I’d go with Stalin.

John McCain. Anyone that chooses to stay in the Hanoi Hilton longer by choice so others can go home is a role model in my book. A true and honest leader. No matter if your Republican, Democrat or a Communist, it’s hard not to respect the guy.

I used to watch CBS Sunday Morning all the time. After Charles Curalt (sp?) left, I had a hard time getting into Charles Osgood – just too smarmy to me.

I know what you mean. After Kuralt, I was kinda worried about the quality of the show. I did stop watching it for a couple of years (not due to Osgood)- but this past year, began again. And you know what? It’s pretty good. I don’t think it’s lost any of it’s quality and it’s still better than the other TV newshours by a long shot!

Winston Churchill - led a nation in the face of almost certain defeat. Read some of his quotes and speaches.

I gotta agree with DK, Bruce lee was the man.

Ralph Nader. Ammon Hennacy. Frank Fools Crow.

Elliott,since you asked how I could have someone like Lee fpr a role model, I will try to explain. As I said in the other post ,Lee was a warrior and an honorable gentleman. I base this opinion not on the mythology of the “lost cause” but upon reading histories and biographies of Lee the man. He fought skillfully and bravely against a vastly superior foe. The fact that he ultimtely failed is,to my mind irrelevant.So,to sum it up in one word the reason I admire General Robert E. Lee is character.As far as King Arthur, I was just using the ideals of the knights of the round table as an illustration. Excalibur was a damn good movie though. Thanks, Amra

Amra thanks for your reply. My knowledge of Americian history and Robert E. Lee is pretty thin so I will look into it. I prefer my history ancient that way it does not seem so horriable.