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I am about to start a cyle of test stacked with deca also I have equpoise. What is the best way to stack this all together to acheive the best results? Thanks for any info you guys can provide.

I try and try to be the nice guy around here, and it’s not getting any easier.

Jrk21, how would YOU stack it? Give us an example of what you THINK would be the best stack and let us comment on that. Do some homework and use the search button, and I’ll refrain from flaming you.

What anti-e’s do you have on hand?

What are your goals? What are your stats? Years training? Food intake, etc…

Uh Ohh! Hey buddy I see this is your first post. In light of that check out dave and mine’s advice to the other new guy on the Off topic board.

The best way to answer your question is to have your stats first. How can you expect to get a good answer if the nature of your question does not specify anything other than the drugs you have. Don’t assume that everybody in here uses the same drugs or the same mgs. This is how many new comers give us a bad name. They use steroids incorrectly and then blame their condition on steroids. Take the proper path by doing more research. Learn about the different drugs and how they can help YOU!!! Then, you’ll be more informed and will feel a sense of appreciation for what steroids can help you achieve. My reply is long but like many, I’m tired of having to answer questions of this nature when the person asking did little or no research, therefore showing impatience and laziness which are our worst enemies in this game.